Pupil behaviour ‘getting worse’ at schools in England, say teachers

News / Thu 28th Mar 2024 at 01:07pm

NEARLY one in five teachers in England has been hit by a pupil this year, a survey commissioned by the BBC says.

One teacher told BBC News behaviour was a “never-ending battle”. Another said spitting, swearing and chair-throwing were among the things happening often.

A union says its members are reporting worsening violence and abuse from pupils since the Covid pandemic.

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7 Comments for Pupil behaviour ‘getting worse’ at schools in England, say teachers:

2024-03-28 16:05:36

Can't imagine why...

2024-03-28 19:04:05

Apples never fall far from the tree

2024-03-28 21:31:46

Its because teachers are no longer allowed to discipline pupils any the kids know it.

Mr Grumpy
2024-03-28 21:32:06

Proper discipline has been removed from teachers, the police and parents. Now we are starting to see feral behaviour as a result. All thanks to the looney lefties of this world.

2024-03-29 08:29:40

Having tracked and supported students in schools from lesson to lesson it's easy to see why students kick off. The education system is broken, dull, regimented, under resourced needlessly repetitive and competitive. It's no excuse for bad behaviour, many students take a different approach, they skip school altogether. Creativity in arts, sciences, across the curriculum, has been extinguished. Teachers are under impossible demands expected to be front line social workers and in over sized classes to run every lesson in parallel and at vastly different levels. Educational technology is misapplied, under employed to improve learning and over applied to impose massive administrative, reporting and assessment burdens. On top of which OFSTED is used as a stick to beat schools to be slaves of a poor and inadequate National Curriculum. Note: how many private schools who don't have large classes, don't have to follow the National Curriculum, are often well resourced have these problems? It over stresses students and teachers alike. Until the education system is fixed

2024-03-29 13:03:27

Schools have seriously changed since I was there and for the worse, no breathing space for kids, not allowed to even make a tiny error - these are kids for goodness sake, errors is what they make. Teachers have brought in the most trivial of rules, no coats in corridors - get suspended if don't obey, tie too short and talk back? Get excluded. Shiny shoes that are too shiny? Get punished in a solitary room. It's little wonder that teachers think kid's behaviour is getting worse when bringing in such stupid, little rules that serve no purpose other than to punish and frustrate pupils. Teachers should focus on teaching and remember that respect has to be earned and it doesn't work if try to bully them into it.

2024-03-30 07:13:26

Nostradamus. I read all your post with interest, you seem an intelligent person. But I think you should change your tag to . DOOM AND GLOOM.

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