Pair jailed for theft of £3,000 worth of duty free at Stansted Airport

Crime / Tue 2nd Apr 2024 at 07:17am

TWO people have been sent to prison for eight weeks after admitting stealing more than £3,000 worth of perfume, aftershave and cosmetic items from Stansted Airport.

It happened inside World Duty Free at the airport last Tuesday (26 March).

They were alerted after a member of staff saw a man and a woman acting suspiciously.

The woman – 37 year-old Donrina-Irina Filip Catana, of no fixed address – was located in some airside toilets with the stolen items.

The man – 43 year-old Marian Filip, of Stanway Gardens, Edgeware – was found a short time later about to board a flight.

They were both charged with theft and appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on 27 March where they admitted the offences.

They have both been sentenced to eight weeks in prison.

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5 Comments for Pair jailed for theft of £3,000 worth of duty free at Stansted Airport:

2024-04-02 09:46:53

Romanians again. Deport

2024-04-02 19:48:35

8 weeks? What a pathetic sentence.

2024-04-03 08:31:22

I'm surprised they could get anything else in their bag it must have been full on stolen benefits.

2024-04-03 14:09:05

Deported please. We have enough criminals here without importing more.

Dan Wilson
2024-04-13 06:47:02

My comments actually discussing issues and topics at hand here on this site get constantly removed without any word or information from the administrator here. But I see racist comments get to stay up. As such, I've reported this to the correct agencies who have actually informed me that they've received numerous complaints about suppression of speech on this site and they'll be contacting the owner shortly, if they've not already done so. Insanity to have a website that on the surface appears to be a news outlet but is little more than a personal hobby with suppression.

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