Letter to Editor: Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner pays tribute to MP Robert Halfon

Crime / Wed 3rd Apr 2024 at 03:37pm

Dear Editor,

I must confess, the news of Robert Halfon MP standing down struck me with great sadness. 

It has been a real pleasure working with Robert for the benefit of Harlow residents over the last eight years. 

Robert has been a tireless champion for Harlow and it’s residents. He has fought to secure more police officers for Harlow than ever before with Essex Police now bigger and stronger than at any time in its history.

Whether it was the early sessions we had, which Robert organised, with the distraught traders in the town centre, whose businesses were being disrupted by drug users and anti-social behaviour, and worse. With Robert’s help we have been able to resolve much of that. 

In addition, we have worked to make the underpasses and streets of Harlow safer, brought the Knife Angel to Harlow to raise awareness of how to combat knife and drug crime, and improved the police presence at targeted hotspots in the town. 

Robert truly led the charge to tackle unauthorised traveller encampments in the town and secured an historic injunction to put an end to what had been an absolute nightmare for Harlow residents. 

I can well understand Robert’s reasons for wishing to step back after nearly a quarter of a century working for this community, but I would like to assure him, he will be missed. 

It has been a true pleasure, as the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex since 2016, to work with such a passionate champion of Harlow that Robert has been. 

He will be a great loss, but his legacy is clear for all to see.

Kind regards,

Roger Hirst

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner pays tribute to MP Robert Halfon:

Rosendo Young
2024-04-03 17:49:32

What is the point in reporting crime these days - The police are broken and the courts are broken - Does anyone think that Harlow Town Centre is safer after dark than it was 10 years ago???? - It's a total mess - Nothing to be proud of ----- Are you standing again in April as Tory Police Commissioner Mr Hurst??? - You want us to vote for more of the same?

2024-04-04 05:40:25

Well put Rosendo.

enough is enough
2024-04-04 05:43:01

More Tory BS.... No mention of crumbling schools and hospitals ~ Shop thefts ~ Food Banks ~ Zero hours! The commissioner should take a walk around the Town at night by himself to see the delights on offer since the Tories came to power!

2024-04-04 06:09:29

Any news on the new hospitals? Paying back the cash on fraudulent expense claims, money given away to fellow conservatives during the pandemic, levelling up? Another rat leaving a sinking ship. The conservatives have destroyed trust in politics and ruined the U.K.

2024-04-04 07:15:15

Mr Hirst, perhaps you could supply annual numbers of police since 2009 ie before the 2010 election. Please also include the population figures for Essex so we can compare police numbers to population size. I also ask, do you not see the irony in your comment in your comment about the knife angel, the fact we have it at all is an indictment of where we have got to. I believe drug crime has the highest clear up rate. I suppose a crime is only identified when an offender is caught with drugs so the having a high clear up rate is much easier (I know the supply side will be more difficult). Don't get me wrong, the police have a difficult job.

Bob Marley
2024-04-04 08:27:57

Oh look another idiot paying tribute to our wonderful MP! - Commissioner (if that's what you call yourself) what have you done to improve on things.....oh yes, nothing! These people, honestly! - Sack the lot of them.

Guy Flegman
2024-04-04 08:59:49

Several years back I was involved in an online meeting with the commissioner. Some pertinent questions were asked of him. He said he would get back to the individuals who asked the questions. They are still waiting for a reply. Seems to be the best job in the world to me.

Mark Gough
2024-04-06 16:48:31

Frankly the PCCs are an expensive legacy of the National failure on crime. The whole lot needs to go, along with their expensive offices and staff. How many more frontline officers would we get then. Knife crime won't be beaten until being caught with a weapon means a five year prison sentence. This guy is the one who called Community Policing old hat, then changed his mind with the money arrived for key areas like the Stow. What has he done to tackle staff retention? So many officers train in Essex then move to London to take advantage of the better pay and London weighting. So many issues, so many failures! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

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