Podcast looks back to 1980 and brutal murder in Old Harlow

Crime / Thu 4th Apr 2024 at 02:42pm

A NEW podcast looking into the circumstances surrounding the violent murder of a woman from Old Harlow has just been published.

May Chambers, (aged 63) of Watlington Road, was brutally murdered by her former son-in-law, Ian Sherlock (aged 33) in May 1980.

Sherlock went on the run before being caught in Eastbourne.

He killed himself in prison whilst awaiting trial.

The podcast is by the producers of TheyWalkAmongUs

This episode was researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane.


Edited by Joel Porter at Dot Dot Dot Productions.

Script editing, additional writing, illustrations and production direction by Rosanna Fitton

Narration, audio editing assistance, additional writing, and production direction by Benjamin Fitton.

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2 Comments for Podcast looks back to 1980 and brutal murder in Old Harlow:

Mark Moulds
2024-04-04 15:09:35

I remember her. She was a lovely lady, I used to live close to her house. She used to work at mark hall school in the science department. She was always smiling

Graham V H
2024-04-05 12:07:55

I remember a petrol pump attendant at what was Ponds garage at the Pinnicals a lady I regarded as a friend she suffered from MS. She told me how she had phoned the police after serving a blood stained guy in an old Volxswagon beetle who was scruffy and very agitated. It really upset her she was telling me all about it and how she took time off work to recuperate.

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