Rally calling for ceasefire in Gaza takes place in Harlow Town Centre

News / Mon 8th Apr 2024 at 07:59am

A PROTEST calling for a ceasefire in Gaza took place on Saturday afternoon in Harlow Town Centre.

A number of speeches were made at the obelisk in the centre of Broad Walk.

The protesters then went on a march from Broad Walk down to the bridge over Sainsbury’s where a banner stating ‘Free Palestine: Don’t Buy Israeli Goods” was draped over the railings.

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17 Comments for Rally calling for ceasefire in Gaza takes place in Harlow Town Centre:

2024-04-08 09:03:31

Had the terrorist organisation Hamas not attacked innocent people on 7/10 and if it hands back any remaining hostages that they are still holding them the military action would stop immediately. Israel as with any country should always take direct action against any terrorist organisation

2024-04-08 09:15:56

Matching past some empty broadwalk shops and annoying people outside sainsburys. Let’s hope Israel saw this, war over in an instant

2024-04-08 09:32:16

Did they call for the hostages to be released, of course not. Palestine and Hamas are getting everything they deserve, I am expecting Iran to get hit soon as well thye have been nothing but trouble for decades

Michael Szpakowski
2024-04-08 10:17:32

How 'inconvenient' for everyone that 33,000 + people, including over 13,000 children, plus over 150 aid workers have been murdered by Israel in the ongoing genocide in Gaza, that hospitals, schools and universities have been flattened, that over 1000 children have had limbs amputated because of Israeli bombing and that famine and disease now stalk the whole of Gaza. The first name trolls on here just show their complete lack of empathy and human feeling. Question: what would you have done in Germany in the thirties? Answer: what you're doing right now.

2024-04-08 10:42:05

Palestine wanted this! They voted for Hamas… 48% of British Muslims support the October 7th terror attacks.

Nigel Spackman
2024-04-08 11:16:37

Terrorist lovers

Chelsea jim
2024-04-08 11:18:46

I love it how no one mentions the Israeli kids burnt alive, or the young girls raped in the name of Allah, or the 1000’s of innocent festival goers shot dead whilst running away… I STAND WITH ISRAEL

2024-04-08 11:42:38

A ceasefire, what makes you think that all the protests in the world will stop Isreal from destroying Gaza? I’m afraid it won’t! - Where there is war there are will always be innocent casualties..fact! Come on, have some common sense people!

2024-04-08 11:46:29

I feel sorry for the innocent lives taken on both sides of this war. I don’t see the point of protests, nothing good will come of it, nothing will change.

Avi Grant
2024-04-08 11:53:08

I see the special needs schools organised a day out in Harlow Saturday.

2024-04-08 13:11:59

I see the banner! “From the rivers to the sea Palestine will free” terrorists… they should be arrested

Rami Razzibi
2024-04-08 13:19:47

“From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” is a rallying cry for terrorist groups and their sympathizers, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to Hamas, which called for Israel’s destruction in its original governing charter in 1988 and was responsible for the October 7, 2023 terror attack on Israeli civilians, murdering over 1,200 people in the single deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. It is also a common call-to-arms for pro-Palestinian activists, especially student activists on college campuses. It calls for the establishment of a State of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, erasing the State of Israel and its people. Another phrase “Globalize the Intifada,” which uses the Arabic word for “uprising” or “shaking off,” also calls for widespread violence against both Israelis and Jews across the globe (

Guy Flegman
2024-04-08 14:37:46

Hands up if you have ever been to Israel/palestine

2024-04-08 15:04:32

Not our war.

2024-04-08 17:11:57

What happened to cause this latest war. That's right 7/10 , women and girls raped , babies heads cut off in their cots , innocent people murdered in cold blood , is this how freedom fighters act. You should be protesting against Hamas , none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for their actions

Nogin the nog
2024-04-09 11:32:42

Seems like every body has forgotten ukraine putin is loving it i cant see what a protest in harlow is going to do to stop whe war in gaza

2024-04-12 13:01:58

Reading these comments shows just how lost we truly are as a race of humans no empathy no compassion no support to stop a genocide it's honestly pathetic back when ww2 was going on everyone said "NEVER AGAIN" but now cos it's not Jewish people getting a genocide nobody cares that it's Palestinians getting bombed with white phosphorus and UK and USA made war weapons you call yourself human but WHERE I SAY WHERE IS YOUR HEART cos right now all I see is broken cold hearted people who are too scared to stand up for people who need it and to them I say grow a pair and join humanity in the on going support for Palestine cos Its EST (EVERYONE STANDS TOGETHER) over everything so make love not war for it will eventually be anarchy for peace

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