Whatever happened to the Church Langley Medical Centre’s Patient Participation Group?

Health / Sat 13th Apr 2024 at 10:05am

FOLLOWING December’s inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of the Church Langley Medical Centre (CLMC), when they were rated as “Inadequate”, there were a number of recommendations.

One of them was: The relaunch of the Patient Participation Group (PPG).

When the inspection report came out, the CLMC put on their website that they had already “relaunched”it.

However, we are having a few problems finding any evidence of that.

What is a PPG?

CLMC state:

The aim of the Patient Participation Group is to give patients, GPs and practice staff an opportunity to exchange ideas and information, and then to take action. Our group’s activities typically include; consulting with patients on their experiences and their views on how services could be changed or improved.

Church Langley Medical Practice surgery is eager to ensure that local people are actively involved in deciding how the health services they use should develop. To provide patients with the opportunity to express their views, we have set up the Patient Participation Group.


All Harlow surgeries should have a PPG but very few do. Lister House and Addison House do. Go to Lister House’s website and you can find the agenda and minutes. They hardly set the world on fire but they give a feeling of ownership and accountability.

We cannot see any evidence that the CLMC has a group.

We did e-mail the CLMC Practice Manager, Rachel Bowyer but her e-mail was on out of office telling us that she was on annual leave.. They left details of a name to contact but no e-mail or telephone number.

We have twice registered to join the Patient Participation Group but have not heard back (they are not alone but that is for another day).

Back in November, they did put out a request on their Facebook page for interested parties but that seems to be about it.

We find it hard to believe that they cannot find a half dozen people in Church Langley and beyond who want to discuss health provision.

We will feed this back to the Care Quality Commission.

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3 Comments for Whatever happened to the Church Langley Medical Centre’s Patient Participation Group?:

Tony WIseman
2024-04-14 16:17:13

You are not alone in this regard in Church Langley. I first registered to join the PPG at The Hamilton Practice in Bush Fair in January 2023 and have been told on 3 occasions since that they will let me know when it will be up and running. It is being advertised on a white board in reception and on the practices web site so I too am amazed that no one else wants to be involved. If I was a cynical person I might think that the surgeries don't want to see them set up as the PPG might hold them to account for too many poor systems and practices.

Valerie Giddings
2024-04-26 08:46:54

I have recently joined the practice after moving to CL and opted to join the patient participation group. I duly received an invite and attended the evening. The evening was very well organized and it was good to meet one of the doctors and the other staff in attendance. So far I am very happy with the practice responses for repeat prescriptions, appointments, blood tests etc. I have had only positive experiences so far so am pleased that we chose this practice.

Ian Lawley
2024-04-26 21:22:31

I can attest that there certainly is a PPG at Church Langley since I am a member. Well attended too - 16 members and two staff at the last meeting a couple of weeks ago.

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