Ward by ward: Could there be new councillors for Old Harlow?

Elections / Sat 20th Apr 2024 at 01:03pm

AS you may well be aware, Old Harlow has been a Conservative stronghold for many a year. Yes, you can go back to 1998 when it had two Labour councillors but that is a long time ago.

But perhaps that was a year after Labour won a 178 seat majority in the General Election. A time when Labour were riding high in opinion polls.

Therefore, having reported year on year on successful campaigns by Joel Charles, Mike Garnett and Sue Livings, could this year spring a surprise?

Our instinct is to say no. However, the Labour vote is getting closer.

We interviewed veteran Labour member, Mike Danvers to ask him why he is standing? He retired a couple of years ago but he has been so concerned regarding the finances of the council that he felt that he needed to step into the fray once more.

In 2023, the Conservatives won by 326 votes.

However, this year the boundary has changed. Newhall has moved over to the ward of Church Langley North and Newhall.

That could make a difference. Then there are the voters of Gilden Park. It may be vital that Labour try and get these voters out. Whether people dissatisfied with the companies that built the properties are going to take it out on the Conservatives is questionable. Plus, it has been Conservative councillor, Joel Charles who has done his utmost to address the problems.

Then there is the Green Party factor. Yasmin Gregory has been a very impressive performer, especially at our Question Time event on Thursday night. She received 325 votes in 2023 and will be looking to build on that. The Greens could eat a lot of votes here and just make it interesting.

We think the Conservatives will hold all three here but this could be closer than is comfortable. It may have more significance for the General Election.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold

Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Conservative)

Mike Garnett (Conservative)

Sue Livings (Conservative)


Mike Danvers (Labour)

Liam Kerrigan (Labour)

Anita Schultschik (Labour)


Yasmin Gregory (Green)

Jacklyn Stansfield (Green)

Jacobus Van Der Poel (Green)


Paul Lenihan (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

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9 Comments for Ward by ward: Could there be new councillors for Old Harlow?:

2024-04-20 20:18:35

You have to hand it to Mike Danvers, he really does care and talks a strong local argument., Joel Charles also worked hard to make a stand against the ..build build retoric of certain members of the Conservative Party to no avail ..and we now we have strong green candidates..

2024-04-20 20:58:33

Agree with everything you say Neil.So good to see Mike Danvers back.All these people really care about harlow.

2024-04-20 21:09:15

Well said Neil.Great to see Mike Danvers back.People from all parties working for the good of harlow.Genuine people who dont tell lies and mislead.

Bruce Downey
2024-04-21 06:31:31

Mike Danvers is just making up the numbers..as far as I know he had packed it in some time ago.

2024-04-21 07:44:03

Although the Old Harlow Cons seem ok people, I've not seen a massive help, the only one who has the energy is Joel, the other two don't even get responses when needed them in the past. Always there for photo ops tho! I am very ready for a change..

2024-04-21 07:51:20

Why are the figures not puplic?!

Bruce Downey
2024-04-21 08:56:16

It’s a Tory stronghold.. even the Greens get more votes than Labour

2024-04-21 16:14:06

Have lived in Old Harlow for 25 years Mike and Joel have always been very helpful and will get my vote as for Sue have never had any help from her I hope she losses her seat as I think she is only there for the money and to have her photo taken

2024-04-22 09:27:01

Conservatives promise to undertake our local problems but very rarely achieve a result most show no interest. I think it is time for a change we need action not words.Mike Danvers is right the old town paving is dangerous and disgraceful.

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