Ward by ward: Passmores: Will it be three Labour wins in the heart of the town?

Elections / Sun 21st Apr 2024 at 12:59pm

THIS should be another relatively straightforward ward.

The boundary changes means there has been a few tweaks but it remains at its heart, the housing area near the old Passmores school site. Abbotsweld, Five Acres etc.

It is very much a ward in which the day to day issues of cost of living, council services, potholes, crime etc will be at the centre of voter’s minds.

Sometimes the relationship between a council and its constituents can be summed up by the Five Acres house repair fiasco.

Labour’s Tony Edwards is standing once again. Tony is perhaps the best example of the scrutinising councillor. We often joke that he is like the Colombo of local councils. Just when you think the committee/cabinet/council meeting is finished, eh has that “”Just one more thing” moment.

This may be a big chance for young Jake Shepherd who is one of Labour’s brightest stars. They could really do with his vision and enthusiasm. Although, they might want to have an on message chat.

The Tories, will again, look to see how much date the national picture is doing here as they look to the General Election.

As part of our series of interviews, we spoke to a debutant for the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) Steve Barnes.

YH Prediction: Labour Win x 3


Steve Barnes (Harlow Alliance Party)


Tony Edwards (Labour)

Daniella Pritchard (Labour)

Jake Shepherd (Labour)


Michelle Field (Conservatives)

Amanda Maison (Conservatives)

Ash Malik (Conservatives)


Gareth Williams (Green)


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3 Comments for Ward by ward: Passmores: Will it be three Labour wins in the heart of the town?:

2024-04-21 20:04:26

Wow.. In Steve Barnes we Finally have a Strong Independent that talks utter sense and having been a Local Authority building Control Surveyor has the knowledge to fight for our local areas and Green spaces as he expressed in his interview. I've a strong feeling that he would work well round the Table with Tony Edwards in the interests of the neighborhood they would represent. As for the Conservative Veteran...Mr Malik, he had a reputation in the past of being brave enough to flout the Party whip, but has not been particularly vocal in recent years. The Green candidate Gareth Williams should of course work very well with the Conservatives, the Alliance Party and I would hope Labour, having jumped ship from being a former Conservative Councillor, fair play to him too

2024-04-22 06:14:35

In my view this is what we need.People from ALL parties on Harlow council working together,leaving their differences outside the door,each bringing their own expertise to meetings for the good of all.Positive and proactive.Contrast this with how the council is run at the moment.Big egos,arrogance,lies,deceit and nastiness.Neil's post radiates positivity.Harlow tories sort yourselves out.You're losing votes and turning people off.

2024-04-23 19:41:38

Resident, well said. If you ever watch a council meeting online, it's just full of grown men & women from opposite parties trying to point score against each other. Tres dull and really immature, but then this kind of behaviour comes from Downing St too.

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