Athletics: Harlow heroes raise thousands at the London Marathon

Athletics / Mon 22nd Apr 2024 at 09:19am

AS YOU may know we have been following a number of Harlow residents as they trained and prepared for the London Marathon.

Since last autumn, they have been putting in the miles as well as raising as much money as possible for charity.

There has been a few visits to the physio and a few tears along the way.

But by the time, then crossed the finish line in London on Sunday afternoon, it was all worth it.

Well done to you all. You are all heroes.

We asked them to give us a few words on how the day went, how much they raised and any advice for anyone thinking of taking on the big challenge.

We will add other people during the day.

We will have separate news items from Harlow Running Club, Harlow Athletics Cub and Innovation Multisport.

Jordan Newborough

Teacher at Freshwaters Primary Academy

It was such an incredible day and the support was overwhelming. I finished in 4 hours and 16 minutes which I’m very proud of. The total raised so far for Children with Cancer UK is £2,950 and still rising! 

My advice for someone thinking of doing it would be to appreciate the distance – it’s a very long way!

Give yourself plenty of time beforehand and have your name printed on your t-shirt. Having people spur you on really helps you get through it.

And don’t forget to take it all in and enjoy it! 


Victoria Marintez

It was an amazing day!

Together as a team we raised £30,000 for St Clare Hospice.

My supporters got me through the day and ran it with me mentally. 

Definitely definitely something everyone needs to do in their lives. It was an incredible feeling.


Emily Webster

The assistant headteacher at St Mark’s has had an incredibly busy year at the school. But that didn’t stop her from taking on the London Marathon.

Miss Webster raised £2340 for the British Heart Foundation. She described it as “the biggest physical challenge I have ever undertaken. However, I wouldn’t say no to another.”

Head of PE at St Mark’s West Essex Catholic School Chris Warburton also ran in a time of 3 hrs 26 min and 27 seconds.

Tony Marks

What an amazing day the crowds definitely get you through it. We raised just over £2000 for the Lauren Page Trust 

I would definitely recommend it to people that want to do it. Make sure you train properly and stick to a marathon plan as I think a lot of people underestimate the marathon. It was tough going. 

And I totally take my hat off to the runners who dressed up!

And just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported all the way and a thank you to Your Harlow for the coverage you have done with all the runners.

Danny Long

I completed my 6th London Marathon on Sunday. My time was 6 hrs, 25 mins and 14 secs.

Congratulations to everyone else who took on the great challenge of the London Marathon.

It was a great atmosphere. The spectators were amazing on helping the runners to complete this great challenge. Once again, thank you everyone.

Dan Boyce

I am just pleased to get over the line, it was tough. The first half was all good, but after around mile 16, it all became very challenging.

I think this is because my knee injury prevented 3/4 weeks of long runs in February and March. I am so relieved to have had the steroid injection, it worked a treat. 

As things stand, I have crept over my £2000 target by £8, so naturally delighted to raise money for Helen Rollason. 

The day itself was amazing, such a feel good vibe with the live music and people cheering your name, it really is amazing and such a great atmosphere. 

My advice would be not to go out and train too early. I know this sounds daft, but especially for a first timer. I started training in September as I am a non runner, but I did pick up some niggly injuries including my knee issue. 

I felt stronger around February so If I was going to do it again (which I am not!!) I would start in December. 

Gemma Smith

So far I have raised £2690! I finished it in 4:56:21

It was an amazing day. There was a brilliant atmosphere.

Crowd pushed me through the last six miles.


Mark Grant

The Hare Street Primary teacher has been raising money for Children with Cancer

The run didn’t go completely to plan but overall it was a great day!

My official time was 4:46:04

I like my Strava time more as it’s 10 min shorter!!

It was a cold start with some bitey winds between the buildings. 

As always the marathon was incredibly well organised with amazing support along the route! 

The charity “Children With Cancer” was outstanding, offering massages and food after the event. I’m so proud to have been a small part in raising awareness and funds for the crucial research!! 

I’m a little bit achy but it was all worth it!

Alan Honan

Alan completed the London Marathon in a time of 5hrs 39 mins

His wife Lisa said: “We are all so proud. He had a ongoing injury with his ankle but he didn’t let that beat him.

Thank you to everyone for their great support.

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5 Comments for Athletics: Harlow heroes raise thousands at the London Marathon:

Mark Gough
2024-04-22 20:56:01

Well done to all. Lots of money raised for some great causes!

2024-04-23 10:08:37

I can honestly say it's the first and probably the only time I totally agree with Mark Gough. Well done all.

Dan Long
2024-04-23 11:04:33

Thank you both for congratulating all of us who completed the London Marathon this weekend Please can political matters be kept out of this. We took part in the London Marathon to raise money for our chosen charities.

peter linden
2024-04-23 17:25:32

What great positive news about good people from harlow. I would seriously struggle to eat a maraton nevermind run one. But the efforts of the runners brings joy to the heart of many. One of the hospital sisters ran it and my little niece bonnie. Well done all. 👍👍

Jo Carrington
2024-04-24 06:56:16

Well done ALL of you's An incredible feat and for charity too !

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