Harlow Labour slam Tories as leaflet promoting suspended candidate delivered to voters in Potter Street

News / Mon 22nd Apr 2024 at 10:50am

THE HARLOW Conservatives have issued a statement following reports that they have been continuing to “campaign” for a councillor who was suspended following allegations of Islamophobia.

As we reported on Thursday, Hope Not Hate claimed that Conservative councillor James Leppard made a number of Islamophobic statements on Facebook, saying of Muslims that: “We really don’t need them here. They add nothing” and “endorsing” Islamophobic abuse of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Leppard has been the councillor for Harlow Common since 2021 and had been selected to contest the new ward of Church Langley South and Potter Street.

On Thursday, the Harlow Conservatives told YH: “Mr Leppard was suspended as soon as the matter was brought to our attention and a formal investigation into the allegations has now been launched.”

However, on Saturday late afternoon, residents at Oaklands Drive off Potter Street received a leaflet with James Leppard alongside Conservative candidates Danielle Brown and Nicky Purse.

We asked the Harlow Conservatives for an explanation.

A spokesperson said: “As soon as the allegations were made, Mr Leppard was immediately suspended and a formal investigation was launched we which hope will conclude as soon as possible.

“There is currently no literature being delivered in this area by Harlow Conservatives. There may have been a very small amount delivered shortly after the suspension, which was already printed and out with deliverers, however we ensured over the weekend that all of our delivery teams have been made aware of the suspension.”

The Harlow Labour Group have been less than impressed and have claimed that the Tories are “not taking the suspension seriously”.

A spokesperson said: “It is utterly outrageous that Harlow Conservatives are continuing to promote James Leppard following allegations about him making racist and islamophobic remarks.

Harlow Conservatives claim to have suspended him from the party but their actions show they are clearly not taking the suspension seriously. 

“If Harlow Conservatives do not immediately condemn his comments, withdraw all literature bearing his name and strip him of his Finance & Governance Portfolio responsibilities we are surely only left with one conclusion, that they continue to support him despite claiming he is suspended”.

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36 Comments for Harlow Labour slam Tories as leaflet promoting suspended candidate delivered to voters in Potter Street:

2024-04-22 11:25:20

No one is guilty until they have been properly investigated. Who will act on the say so of a Marxist unpatriotic group like Hope not Hate? Funny that the only party condemned for institutional racism by a credible institution has been the Labour Party by the Equality & Human Rights Commission. People in glass houses...Labour show no interest in due process. They behave like petty dictators and their own Momentum members are all Hamas PLO terrorist sympathisers.

2024-04-22 11:42:19

Tories gone tory at the end of the day

2024-04-22 11:44:40

This is like pennies for heaven for the labour but perhaps they have forgotten the recent Rochdale by election where the labour candidate, Azhar Ali was still shown as labour despite having his support withdrawn. Instead of pratting on about this, why not explain how you are going to achieve your 100 day pledge. is it because you don't have a clue, we deserve to know. If the tories are screwing things up, we deserve to know this also.

2024-04-22 13:21:14

What had he supposedly said anything racist. Criticising Islamist terrorists is not racists! Is Harlow Labour so thick as a religion ain't a race. Wait till the investigation is done. Labour don't want no justice!

Vote them out
2024-04-22 13:24:52

The "Local Conservatives" party, just like the "Harlow Conservatives" party, just like the National Conservative Party are a joke, 13 years is enough. And Tim, there are plenty of examples of Racism in the Conservative Party, you just don't want to see them.

You love to see it
2024-04-22 13:26:59

All the closet Tory racists outing themselves today!

Vote them out
2024-04-22 13:34:12

Bob, you need to re-read the article. He wasn't criticising JUST Islamist terrorists, but ALL Muslims.

Mr Grumpy
2024-04-22 15:10:40

This is why will not be voting for the top 2 "big boys" (Labour & Tories). They are too obsessed with slagging each other off to gain brownie points. They act like little children and not professional political folk.

2024-04-22 16:02:36

He will get my vote for sure. We need more that speaks up for our country and traditions. Labour hates our people.

Bill Smith
2024-04-22 16:19:14

Are there any Labour candidates in Harlow? So far I have had zero leaflets of information from the Labour party. Chris Vince did walk down the street and although he was invited to stop, he looked at the Volvo and Mercedes parked on the driveway and pointed out that we weren't his target voters. Guess that rules our hard working individuals and pensioners then.

2024-04-22 16:20:06

June, just what are our traditions? I ask because I have a very cynical view that says that our traditions are a myth fed to us by the "upper" class and papers like the Daily Mail, to enhance and maintain their position over the rest of us.

2024-04-22 17:11:42

Let's not forget the only political party to be found guilty by the EHRC was the antisemitic Labour Party, People in Glasshouses as the saying goes!

Ingrid kemp
2024-04-22 20:47:40

People should be allowed to think what they want. It just goes wrong when they get found out about what they think. We are slowly losing our identity. Now kids arnt allowed to sing the Lord’s Prayer in school, because it offends other religions. This is outrageous. They will have all women in burkas if they had it their way- no thanks. Our British women fought for equality and to vote, we ain’t wearing no misogynist tent. Boris Johnson was hilarious with his letter box comment, but everyone still stood by him. One Harlow Tory bloke speaks his own truth and he gets suspended . People should be allowed to say and think what they want. Boris did! I’ll be voting alliance though because they are going to build bungalows for older Harlow people.

The Bear
2024-04-22 21:31:01

So what do they bring to the party apart from my way or the highway. I vote James !

David Forman
2024-04-23 00:46:26

One should remember that Labour's candidate in Rochdale was initially supported and shown understanding until more damaging revelations appeared in the press. Thanks to Labour's own goal we now have the independent voice of George Galloway in Parliament. I think Harlow Tories' explanation of leaflets "already printed and out with deliverers" sounds credible up to a point. Let's see what the investigation reveals. Incidentally, I've had a number of conversations with councillor Leppard which included the subject of immigration and he hasn't displayed any Islamaphobic attitudes or made racist comments to me. Maybe, he has modified his views over time or is better able to moderate his opinions?

2024-04-23 07:57:28

Ingrid Kemp, looking at the Islamophobic comments you have just made such as calling a Burka a 'Misogynist Tent' and that 'Boris Johnsons Letter Box comment was Hilarious' clearly shows that your hatred towards Muslims in general and it's disgusting you condone this. Many people should realise that the parties do have individuals who are anti-semitic, Islamophobic, racist etc etc, however no-one should accept these derogatory comments and should be put to shame.

St George
2024-04-23 08:05:54

Pedro is right. Don't hear anything from Labour or Hope Not Hate about the poor Jewish man disgracefully insulted by pro Hamas demonstrators and threatened by the Met Police! Disgusting hypocrisy by Labour. Hope Not Hate is a joke. They hate just about everybody except, far leftists, Remainers, anti British wokes and traitors and Hamas terrorists and extremists.

2024-04-23 08:16:46

Being suspended does mean guilty of anything until the matter is investigated. All the more so when the accusation comes from such a questionable source as Hope not Hate. Labour clearly has no regard for justice and due process. This is the sad result of identity politics.

David Forman
2024-04-23 09:08:20

Labour's concerns about Muslims would be a little more credible if they hadn't kept such a cowardly silence about the slaughter of 34,000 Muslims in Gaza.

2024-04-23 09:19:27

Read comments with interest. It appears that some leaflets were delivered shortly after a suspencion. Let imvestigation take place. I agree with those who ask labour to clarify their 100 day promise. One portion is 100 parking spaces. I wonder if they have looked at planning applications in Harlow and noted the amount of parking spaces already with planning permission that will wonderfully appear after the election. Total of 21 already approved in my area no diubt there are others

Fact or Fiction
2024-04-23 14:40:43

Interesting 2014 HC report on garages, many are now used for cheap storage... https://moderngov.harlow.gov.uk/documents/s4411/Garage%20and%20Hardstand%20Strategy%20and%20Improvement%20Plan.pdf#:~:text=The%20Council%20has%20a%20large%20stock%20of%20garages,total%20some%207%2C983%20garages%20and%20approximately%201%2C092%20hardstandings.

2024-04-23 15:04:13

St George, Are you calling Pro-Palestinian demonstrators 'pro Hamas Demonstrators? That is a defamatory remark you have just made, you clearly do not know the difference. Please do your research and watch the video of the person in question! The 'jewish' man that you are are referring to is Mr Gideon Falter, The way the police handled him was totally wrong and in no way of professional conduct. My Falters is also a well known individual who deliberately was at the Pro-Palestinian March to create provocation and on top of that his organisation is formed to deliberately conflating the term 'anti-semitism' followed by stream of Islamophobic smears. Two wrongs don't make a right! https://news.sky.com/video/in-full-gideon-falter-goes-head-to-head-with-the-organiser-of-the-march-he-joined-in-london-13120795

2024-04-23 15:04:49

Ingrid Kemp, what is our identity? is it as a white person controlled by the establishment or something much wider?

2024-04-23 20:48:31

Islamophobia is a made up word used by Radical Islamists and the Hard Left to silence legitimate debate and criticism of Islam.

2024-04-24 06:56:34

Pedro, Would you say that anti-Semitism is a made up word too? Please elaborate.

2024-04-24 08:11:33

Wolf to answer your question in simple terms Judaism embraces both a race and a religion, whereas Islam is strictly a religion, and as we have no blasphemy laws in the UK Islam like any religion is open to criticism and rightly so.

2024-04-24 09:38:14

Pedro, Your 'answer in simple terms' does not answer the question I have asked you. Would you say that anti-Semitism is a made up word too? Yes or No? You say 'Judaism embraces both a race and a religion' so does Islam and Christianity, take a look at the many different ethnicities/races who follow. What exactly are you trying to suggest? So then if you can criticise one religion then you should be allowed to criticise another, is that what you are saying? It clearly sounds like you are endorsing hatred towards a particular religion by your choice of words.

2024-04-24 10:23:53

Wolf, what are you on mate? Pedro is right. Religion is not a race. Anyone is free to criticise any religion. That is freedom of speech! Also, thought you lefties was supposed to be atheist. All this is hot air. People are worried about Council tax, housing, town centre, etc. real stuff not all this rubbish. You lefties never deal with what people want.

2024-04-24 11:03:49

Tim, Pedro was clearly unable to answer the question of whether the term Anti-Semitism is made up word considering the fact Pedro calling Islamophobia as one. Tim, you have deliberately missed the points and I suggest you re-read the response I have given previously. Anyone is free to say what they want of course which is the point of Freedom of Speech but there's a clear difference between Freedom of Speech versus Hate Speech, which you need to look into. Furthermore, yes, I agree there are many other concerns on the subjects you have raised, however this particular post is relating to Cllr James Leppard and his statements, NOT about the subjects YOU have raised.

2024-04-24 14:40:25

Wolf, you don't know the full facts other than the report of the far left bigots Hope not Hate ( a joke outfit). Nothing has been proven and you are Jack Nobody as far as most normal people is concerned. The average Harlow person is decent and patriotic. Unlike your side, they do not support extremists. Probably, if they had all the facts they would agree with him. I reckon in the General election a lot will vote for Reform UK now Rob Halfon is not standing. The worst result would a Labour council and government.

2024-04-25 07:14:39

Billy, The fact is many members of the Harlow Conservative party share the same views take a look at Peter Lamb, Marco Lorenzini for example. As far as most people are concerned, you are lacking the much needed comprehension skills since you have responded in such way. You reckon that a lot of people will vote for Reform UK is YOUR opinion and is just another political party that will create division and hatred. One that you clearly support. Labour is not in any good position either.

2024-04-25 12:45:20

Wolf, you a talking bullshit. The only party condemned for racism is Labour! If the local Tories are racist how come so many of their councillors and candidates are from ethnic minorities? We still don't know the full facts so how can you judge. Give it rest. No one I talk to gives a damn about this rubbish. Don't forget that Harlow is a big Brexit town.

2024-04-25 13:21:21

Bob, it's nice to show your frustration. 'The only party condemned for racism is Labour!' and Conservatives too! don't forget that part, you have deliberately missed out on the people I have mentioned in my previous response which clearly proves my point! 'No one I talk to gives a damn about this rubbish' That could be because you either spew rubbish or have No one to talk to! 'how come so many of their councillors and candidates are from ethnic minorities?' your definition of 'so many' is two people?

2024-04-25 13:46:17

Ash Malik, Stacy Seales, Nidi Hindocha, Brian Kasule, Ash Malik, Emma Ghaffari - Blimey either you can't even count or you need to go to Specsavers. You are a joker! As I said give it rest you are embarrassing yourself. Now go and buy a bean counter.

2024-04-25 14:16:26

Bob, Thank you for repeating Ash Malik twice, So that's 5 people, 6 six according to you. What a palava! Seems like you were the one having more difficulty counting and perhaps you thought by repeating the name twice would increase the count! Go visit the doctors for your much needed medication and then give yourself a rest!

Pete Williams
2024-04-25 18:32:55

Wolf, you are a total waste of space. A complete plonker! This is a defamation against a good ward councillor by Labour cowards. I know him and he is very decent person. You are a disgrace supporting these cretins..

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