Book now for COVID-19 vaccinations in Harlow and surrounding areas

Health / Tue 23rd Apr 2024 at 06:32am

VACCINATIONS to protect those most at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 are now available, and eligible people are being urged to come forward and boost their protection against the virus.

More than 100 pharmacies in our area are offering COVID-19 vaccinations this spring, alongside GP practices who are working together to vaccinate older people living in care and nursing homes and those who are housebound. 

Following advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, this spring’s eligible groups include:

  • Adults aged 75 years and over by 30 June 2024
  • Residents in care homes for older adults
  • Those aged six months and over who have a weakened immune system

Anyone eligible can book a vaccine appointment through the NHS website or by calling 119 for free, with parents or carers able to book a vaccination for children under 16 on their behalf. You can also use the NHS app to book an appointment.

It is important that those who are eligible top up their protection against COVID-19, even if they have had a vaccine or been ill with COVID-19 before, as immunity fades over time and viruses change. Without a vaccination, some people are at greater risk of becoming seriously unwell or being admitted to hospital if they catch COVID. 

Dr Jane Halpin, Chief Executive of NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB) said: “Vaccines are a quick and easy way to protect ourselves and our loved ones. COVID-19 still poses a serious threat to many people with underlying health conditions and wecontinue to see people needing hospital care as a result of catching it.

“By coming forward for a vaccination you reduce your risk of becoming very unwell from COVID and also reduce the potential impact on the NHS. Please don’t put it off, if you’re eligible, please book your appointment as soon as possible.”

Spring vaccinations will be available until 30 June 2024.

UK Health Security Agency surveillance data on last year’s spring COVID-19 vaccination programme showed that those who received a vaccine were around 50% less likely to be admitted to hospital as a result of the virus for three to four months after vaccination, compared to those who did not receive one.

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4 Comments for Book now for COVID-19 vaccinations in Harlow and surrounding areas:

2024-04-23 10:27:23

People still falling for this con - it does not work - just look how quick they pulled the AZ vaccine when it was neither safe nor effective. UK HSA should be abolished - wonder how long this comment will stay up

2024-04-23 19:20:05

Adam, am sure my youngish, fit, non smoking cousin who died shortly after spending a couple of months in a coma while being intubated would've loved a chance for a vaccine. She caught covid in the height of the pandemic before vaccines were available. You really are a conspiracy theorist going by this and your other comments.

2024-04-24 15:45:28

Adam . I should image Kate Garroway would love to meet you , You are a pratt. Crawl back in your cave.

Robert Johnson
2024-05-09 08:56:40

Adam, you are a laughing stock. Do you have a poster of David Icke on your wall?

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