Harlow man charged with breaching sexual harm prevention order

Crime / Wed 24th Apr 2024 at 07:30am

A SPECIALIST team which manages the risk posed by sexual offenders secured charges against three individuals across a week of action.

Each of the individuals charged face court after our Management of Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders team (MOSOVO) carried out unannounced home visits.

The checks were carried out in Harlow and Basildon over the past week.

As a result of those checks, charges have been authorised against:

Adan Bath, 39, of Northbrooks, Harlow. Charged with three counts of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and one count of failing to comply with notification requirements. Appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Monday 15 April and bailed until a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court on 13 May.

Hassan El-Mahmoud, 23, of Cadet Drive, London. charged with four counts of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and three counts of failing to comply with notification requirements. Due to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday 22 April).

Anthony Banks, 43, of no fixed address. Charged with two counts of failing to comply with notification requirements. Appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court on Monday 15 April. Sentenced to 24 weeks’ imprisonment.

Detective Chief Inspector James Gray, of our MOSOVO team, said:

“This type of work regularly goes on behind the scenes, out of public view, across Essex as we work to manage the risk posed by registered sex offenders.
“We conduct checks and keep track of their activity in line with restrictions imposed on them, working hard to keep people in Essex safe and ensure any alleged breaches are put before the courts.
“As part of the terms of many sentence orders, registered sex offenders are often ordered to comply with terms monitoring their use of electronic devices, who they can interact with and their access to certain internet platforms.
“Any alleged breaches of these orders, or the terms of their sentences, are treated very seriously.”

In the 12 months between April 2023 and April this year, the MOSOVO team secured 238 charges against alleged offenders in Essex.

MOSOVO helps to protect the public from some of the county’s most dangerous sexual and violent offenders and are an integral part of the nationwide multi agency MAPPA process which aims to reduce re-offending.

This work includes monitoring and risk assessing of offenders prior to, and after, their release from prison to reduce the risk they pose.

The highly trained, plain clothes MOSOVO teams work away from the public gaze are vital to keeping the public safe from Registered Sexual and Violent Offenders.

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5 Comments for Harlow man charged with breaching sexual harm prevention order:

J hus
2024-04-24 08:20:47

Lock them up for life…

2024-04-24 08:29:31

238 charges in a year, so safe to say the prevention order doesn't work?

Sort it out
2024-04-24 10:47:31

It has taken literally seconds to find that this man has at least 18 facebook accounts in the name of Adan Bath. Has other accounts in the name of Leslie Saunders and is also using another name of Leslie Bath. There are also individuals on his facebook friends that clearly have learning difficulties and special needs. What are Essex Police doing to safeguard those people? And why is he allowed social media in the first place? including things like Pokemon Go? which has direct access to children. It is facebook policy that Sex offenders are prohibited from using their platforms but Police forces allow convicted offenders to openly use Social media many of who create accounts in fake names and are also active on dating apps and get away with it because they are not being monitored properly and continue to groom children and gain access to vulnerable adults!!

Scott Warwick
2024-04-24 14:25:58

Harlow/Essex police provide a terrible service. 93.8% of recorded crime goes unsolved. Personally I would disband this useless organisation,and try a security force that actually worked for the citizens of this country,not dancing at the Notting hill carnival,or just giving out crime reference numbers as its easier than turning up for a crime ! Half the crime that happens is in plain sight of the public,but what are the police doing ? Under funding they will say,but if I call someone a racist name...8 squad cars will turn up ! Awfull waste of tax payers money.

2024-04-24 17:38:05

I know what I would do with these people. The first part will probably get the post removed by the moderator. The second part is throwing them in back of a bin lorry and dumping them at a landfill with rest of the rubbish.

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