Man excluded from Old Harlow Co-op for 18 months and electronically tagged

Crime / Wed 24th Apr 2024 at 01:11pm

A HARLOW man has been electronically tagged and excluded from one of the town’s stores for 18 months.

Matthew Nardolilli, 38, of Tanys Dell, had previously admitted 21 thefts from the Co-op store in Old Harlow High Street between 18 December 2023 and 11 February 2024 and one charge of threatening to damage or destroy property.

On 19 April 2024, Basildon magistrates imposed an 18-month community order on Nardolilli. As well as the exclusion order with electronic monitoring from the Co-op store he targeted, he was ordered to pay £700 compensation and carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Nardolilli was also made subject of a drug rehabilitation requirement for six months with Open Road and given a rehabilitation activity requirement for a maximum of 20 days.

The court heard how Nardolilli had stolen £2,849.15 of meat, wine, washing products from the store on 21 occasions and, on 24 January, threatened to smash the phone of a staff member who was filming him stealing.

Nardolilli was identified from CCTV footage of the thefts. He was arrested at his home by Harlow Local Policing Team officers on 13 February.

Investigating officer PC Hannah Wix said after the case: “Nardolilli stole repeatedly from the store and threatened a member of staff attempting to film evidence.

“Shoplifting is not a harmless crime. It makes shopworkers and customers who experience it feel unsafe and, of course, it may also contribute to a general rise in prices at a time when everyone is feeling hard-pressed.

“I hope that the drug rehabilitation requirement imposed by the court has the desired effect of removing Nardolilli’s need to steal in the first place.

“We don’t tolerate shoplifters and encourage retailers to report shop theft any and associated abuse and anti-social behaviour to us.

“Then we can work together with our specialist Business Crime Team and local retailers to keep store staff and customers safe and to gather the evidence we need to secure charges.”

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7 Comments for Man excluded from Old Harlow Co-op for 18 months and electronically tagged:

2024-04-24 14:44:19


2024-04-24 15:41:52

This from Dec 2008 A DRUGS courier who sold heroin to an undercover cop was spared jail after impressing a judge with his efforts to turn his life around. Matthew Nardolilli, 22, was among several dealers who were caught out during Operation Iron Maiden" So why is he not in prison?

Bill S Preston
2024-04-24 16:12:26

Boris - Operation Iron Maiden? Sounds like Bill and Ted were in charge 🎸🎵🤘

2024-04-24 17:02:57

He should be banned for life. Every day someone shoplifts there, so say the staff. It's disgusting.

2024-04-24 17:32:47

It’s us that pay the price for shoplifters at the end of the day because retail shops factor it into the price of the goods.

2024-04-24 19:35:30

Totally useless justice system, massive repeat offender, should have been fined at least the amount he stole and put in prison. Did he impress the judge again and walk out laughing ?

Dean Wilson
2024-04-25 06:12:36

Jj just showing how racist his thought patterns are there because he reads a foreign sounding surname and assumes foreigner. Deport to where, Jj? Where exactly should he be deported to? Repeat offenders need not only stricter punishments but also educating on their actions, who it harms and reason to not do it. Genuinely, I've met someone who did not understand or even comprehend that theft is wrong...

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