Hare Street Primary work with Changing Lives to send football kits to Ghana

Charity / Fri 26th Apr 2024 at 03:45pm

CHILDREN at Hare Street Primary this week said goodbye to their unused football kits, opting to take them out of storage and send them to Abenta which is a town of around 450 people located in the Eastern region of Ghana. Working with local partner, Changing Lives who have deep connections to the area, the Hare Street children were able to ensure that these kits would be used again by young people at Abenta Methodist primary school who are currently without.

PE lead Michelle Gibbons said; “We’ve been lucky enough to have purchased two new kits this academic year which the children have used for weekly football fixtures and Friday sports with the other Harlow schools. This meant we had a large quantity of kit that we would never use again and the children were actually quite excited that this kit will be used by children their age, somewhere else in the world. We are hoping to form a link with the school in Abenta so that we’re able to see the kit in action. Some of the children asked whether we could go to Ghana for a fixture, I’ve left that as a question with the Head!”

Changing lives will be shipping the kit within the next week alongside a huge number of other charitable donations.

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2 Comments for Hare Street Primary work with Changing Lives to send football kits to Ghana:

Asim muktar
2024-04-26 21:24:00

This country is really baffling at times! Ghana's parliament has passed a tough new bill that imposes a prison sentence of up to three years for anyone convicted of identifying as LGBTQ+. It also imposes a maximum five-year jail term for forming or funding LGBTQ+ groups.

Cherie P
2024-04-28 10:41:30

I'm not entirely sure your comment bares and relevance to the above story. This is CHILDREN donating to CHILDREN who have no influence over governments or politics in thier respective countries. Well done Hare Street - you are doing a wonderful thing. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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