Former police inspector found guilty of gross misconduct after sending “explicit image of himself whilst on duty”

Crime / Sat 27th Apr 2024 at 06:20am

A CONDUCT panel has found a former police officer committed gross misconduct and would have been dismissed without notice had he not already resigned. 

The officer, a former Inspector, was alleged to have breached standards of policing in relation to honesty and integrity, duties and responsibility and conduct.

It was alleged that, in 2017, the officer engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with a woman he met in the course of his duties and that this activity took place whilst the officer was both on, and off duty.  He also sent the female an explicit image of himself whilst on duty and dishonestly claimed he was off duty when some of the activity took place.   

The allegations were heard during an accelerated misconduct panel chaired by Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington on Thursday 25 April. 

The officer involved resigned his post, effective from Sunday 21 April 2024. 

Mr Harrington found each allegation to be proved as gross misconduct and that had he still been serving he would have been dismissed without notice. 

He will also be placed on the College of Policing barred list preventing him ever re-joining policing in any role. 

The Chief said: “This officer’s behaviour is completely contrary to the values which thousands of police officers in Essex live by, both on duty and off duty. 

“The officer began a sexual relationship with a woman he had met through the course of his duties, which continued whilst he was both on and off duty. He also lied to conceal the fact that this activity took place when he should have been protecting the people of Essex.  

“His actions were wholly unacceptable and there is no place for such behaviour in policing.”

He added: “We can only police with the consent of the public and that consent requires trust. It is actions like this which undermine and damage that trust.

“All of us in Essex Police feel let down by his actions. The overwhelming majority of officers, staff and volunteers in Essex are gravely disappointed as they behave in a way which fits the public role they hold.” 

The former Inspector was granted anonymity by the Chief Constable to protect the identities of others outside the force who would be seriously and negatively impacted if his identity were made public.  

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4 Comments for Former police inspector found guilty of gross misconduct after sending “explicit image of himself whilst on duty”:

2024-04-27 11:15:41

Sorry are taking pictures of your willy and sending them to your girlfriend a crime..personally i dont but i know alot who do.

2024-04-27 13:24:58

Peter, it’s not a crime, he wasn’t charged or sentenced..? It’s gross misconduct while on duty, he should've been busy policing and catching criminals not sexting his gf while we the taxpayers were paying his wages.

Me, Harlow
2024-04-27 20:46:05

He also met the person through his duties - never a good look - got intimate while at work, sent intimate pics while on duty and lied about it. I don't think there was any other outcome really, than to not be a policeman anymore.

Ian Noble
2024-04-29 18:54:04

Maybe I will see this Inspector on community service 😂

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