Leader of House of Commons Penny Mordant praises work of Tory-run Harlow Council

News / Sat 27th Apr 2024 at 06:16am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to praise the work of the Conservative-led Harlow Council.

Robert Halfon said: “May we have a statement on Harlow Council and the success of its Conservative administration?

“My right hon. Friend will be aware that Conservative-led Harlow Council has cut and frozen council tax for three years and protected vital public services, as well as clearing the housing backlog and securing millions of pounds in Government investment to build an even better Harlow.

“Harlow’s Conservative council is currently led by the youngest council leader in political history, Mr Dan Swords, who is a former apprentice in my office.

“Does my right hon. Friend agree that how Harlow Council leads, other councils should follow, and will she encourage everyone in Harlow and across the country to vote Conservative on 2 May?

Leader of the House of Commons, Penny Mordant replied:

I thank my right hon. Friend for congratulating Dan and the other councillors who have done so much for their community.

“Dan is proof that age is not relevant, but political hue is. Elsewhere, in the west midlands, Andy Street has been following Harlow’s example. He has never raised any taxes, and he does not charge an additional precept, yet he has brought billions of pounds of investment into his region, in stark contrast to Sadiq Khan in London, who has increased the mayoral precept by more than 70%, and Labour-run Birmingham, which is increasing council tax by 21% to pay for its errors. It is very clear: if you want better services at lower cost, vote Conservative”.

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13 Comments for Leader of House of Commons Penny Mordant praises work of Tory-run Harlow Council:

2024-04-27 06:43:13

Robert Halfon how pathetic!As if getting an endorsement from this lot is going to give Desperate Dan credability!

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-27 08:02:51

😄 you couldn't make it up. How many more dangling carots.

gary roberts
2024-04-27 08:18:00

I bet he was also told how hard he works for Harlow with a good video and photo shoot to prove it. He should know by now that when in a hole it is pragmatic to stop digging because you never know what you will find! The Conservatives in this town should have taken that advice on board as the last few letters to this organ has proved.

2024-04-27 08:23:06

Of course this is all political bollocks and I am as cynical as the next man about some of the announcements (or lack of as in the case of the cost of Burnt Mills flats). The truth is however that Dan Swords is driving change and investment. He led a political coup in Harlow, reducing the old guard like Andrew Johnson and Simon Carter to bit players, one would his boss RH to have backed this. Local Labour has nothing to say, wtf are they going to do with our council tax, does any one know, not the the canvasser who knocked on my door.

2024-04-27 11:18:17

Working hard to mop up the sewage from the hospital floor. Where is the new hospital? Boris promised it back in 2019, due to open in 2024. Promise big, deliver nothing, embezzle billions.

Billy Edwards
2024-04-27 13:16:33

Everything mentioned by Robert Halfon is factually true. Labour was named the 'Worst Council in Essex' during COVID. The Harlow Conservative administration has been shortlisted by the independent LGA - with three other councils - as the 'Most improved Council' in England. That is remarkable achievement and turnaround in just 3 years. Dan certainly deserves full credit and the opportunity to continue with the task. Harlow cannot afford to bring back an incompetent Labour administration.

2024-04-27 13:30:00

I thought it was the Harlow Conservative party, or the Local Conservative party ? Happy to be endorsed but the national Conservative party but won’t run under their name, strange.

Mrs Black
2024-04-27 13:41:52

I was here before Harlow was a New Town and back then it was the Workman's town and Labour was all for the Workmen and everybody else in the Town. My parents and just about anybody we knew voted Labour. Sadly the Labour of the 50s is very different to the Labour of the past 30+ years. When Dan Swords took over the council I thought everybody had gone mad, he was a bit of a kid, what did he know. Well Dan for me has put some element of pride back into Harlow that was there in the beginning but gradually lost overtime with a Labour Council and a Labour government. If you are that disheartened by the Conservative Council I suggest you move to a Labour run council area and see how well you get on there.

2024-04-27 16:51:03

This is like marking your own homework

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-28 08:53:56

Your Harlow, the use of this word is very offensive, by Mr George Murray...

Ross Young
2024-04-28 09:04:46

Thank you for removing the comments by George Murray - He angered me and I was busy typing ....that if an example were needed of how the once great Conservative Party, the party that I always knew as the party of aspiration, has morphed into the party of underachievers and the embittered, it is demonstrated in the comment above from GM.

Kim Oconnor
2024-04-28 09:47:40

Thank you Michael.

David Forman
2024-04-28 10:40:07

The comments by Billy Edwards and Mrs Black sum up Labour's failure in this town.

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