Ward by ward: Church Langley South and Potter Street: A tale of two Tories, a Leppard and the lesser spotted Labour candidate

Elections / Sat 27th Apr 2024 at 01:24pm

THIS is a bit of a conundrum. It feels like that for the third year running, Labour do not have anyone seriously and whole-heartedly campaigning in the Potter Street area.

Yes, the small gaggle of dedicated activists have been around (sporadically) but that has been about it.

The large part of this ward is the Church Langley area and so Labour have done their sums and looked at their resources and directed them elsewhere.

We guess this is an argument for another day and not one that keeps residents awake at night but it does beg a question as to why they couldn’t, with a two year run up find three people prepared to give it a go.

As we say, we might return to that.

However, hats off to local community champion, David “Tetley” Taylor for doing a stalwart job leafletting.

This is going to be somewhat awkward for the Conservatives as James Leppard is suspended over an allegation relating to Islamophobic comments on social media.

We could be ending up in by-election territory in May or June.

James Leppard seems to be a very safe pair of hands as the portfolio holder for finance. Then again, if Labour get in and have a look at the books, they may argue to the contrary.

He will have his supporters. In our comments section there has been a whole host of commentators who all, how do we say this, sing from the same hymn sheet………………

Many will hope that Nicky Purse is returned. Nicky is the embodiment of what a local councillor should be. So hard working, so committed and such a breath of fresh air. She literally rolls her sleeves up and gets her hands dirty.

This could also be the big chance for Danielle Brown. Danielle is not to be underestimated and could herald a new breed of female entrepreneur who could swell the Tory ranks. Again, the question of Harlow Labour in 2024, is why do you politically feel like such an alien nation to the young modern entrepreneurs in Harlow?

It was good to interview Gary Roberts, the only Independent out of 101 candidates standing.

YH Prediction: Two Conservatives and James Leppard

Church Langley South and Potter Street

Danielle Brown (Conservative)

James Leppard (Conservative)

Nicola Purse (Conservative)


Christine Gallacher (Labour)

Jeff Mace (Labour)

Emma Mullard-Toal (Labour)


Tina Richardson (Green)

Gary Roberts (Independent)

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10 Comments for Ward by ward: Church Langley South and Potter Street: A tale of two Tories, a Leppard and the lesser spotted Labour candidate:

Potter Street
2024-04-27 14:59:28

Thank you for your update nice to be made aware of who is standing in this area as have had no information at all from anyone of those standing although I do live in Potter St & as you say larger area is Church Langley so again seems we miss out. A bit worrying is we have not had any voting papers through but have had them for the other 2 elections that are also going on at the same time, so might not be voting anyway.

theresa walters
2024-04-27 15:20:44

i am disappointed with the lack of canvassing. i need to know from all parties in order to make a choice. so unfortunately it looks like i have no choice , so no vote.

Gary Roberts
2024-04-27 19:16:31

As the Independent candidate for this Ward I do not have the resources to produce fancy leaflets. However I did outline my policy agenda to the editor of this organ in a video with 4 issues relating to the Potter Street area. They were the reopening of the council neighbourhood office, Osler House, local bus service and local policing. I would ask you to watch it. You can find it under elections on this site. Do you want change or just want the same nonsense for the next few years. If you have questions l will answer them on this site. Gary Roberts.

Mark Gough
2024-04-28 00:26:46

Gary, I have stood in numerous Elections since I left the Tories in 2012 and have produced double sized A5 leaflets in every one of them at about £75-80 for 5,000! You don't need glossy leaflets like the bigger parties, you can do something simple at a reasonable price! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

David Forman
2024-04-28 01:52:19

Michael Casey should ask whoever it may have been in the Labour Party that spoke to Hope Not Hate why it took them four years and the run-up to a local election to spot the alleged remarks made by councillor Leppard. However, I have it on good authority from my reliable Labour source that no-one is owning up to the Facebook trawling because they're worried about blowback! One should conside a likely contender to be whoever was keenest in Labour's ranks to ask the Leppard question at the end of the Hustings, despite being told at the beginning of the event to leave it alone due to legal reasons? A paid staffer of the Labour Party, I believe. Harlow Labour Party barely did anything to help when Harlow Trades Union Council officers were delivering 25,000 Hope Not Hate leaflets in 2016, so their sudden enthusiasm for Hope Not Hate looks a lot like political opportunism. However, I notice that Michael Casey predicts a win for councillor Leppard, which would indicate that ordinary people are not impressed by political opportunism. We will have to see on the 3rd May what result occurs, but if Leppard wins the Labour Party will have set back anti-racism work in this town by a decade.

2024-04-28 07:45:35

A dismal effort by both Labour and Conservative in Church Langley at elections and since 2002 with the exception of Nicky Purse. Other Conservative Councillors since 2002 have been absolutely useless and seem to actively be determined to thwart community projects since the time when the Neighbourhood Office in Potter Street was closed. It's only independent non party community groups and individuals who have constantly fought for the benefit of the Communities covered by Church Langley and Potter Street wards. It's said that if you want to become a Councillor in a ward don't wait to be elected but get active in the community with the exception of Nicky Purse and independent candidates as far as we in these wards can see none of the Conservatives or Labour candidates have bothered. The conservatives are sitting back obviously thinking the demographic of the area guarantees them votes and Labour have given up long ago. Time for change.

2024-04-28 11:09:11

James leppard let’s people down with no apology

2024-04-28 12:10:44

Cathy, Firstly, he has probably been instructed to say nothing until the investigation. Secondly, it is alleged: nothing has been proven! And look who made the accusation, an extremist totally discredited group. Wait until the investigation is concluded before judging. Innocent until proven guilty. Have you heard of that? This is England not some Socialist banana dictatorship like Cuba or Venezuela. I know him and he is a very dedicated councillor in Potter st and Harlow Common, and a thoroughly decent person. I don't believe these allegations by fanatics. As David Forman writes, this is probably the sordid work of some sneaky coward in the Harlow Labour group.

2024-04-28 12:51:24

Dan Swords stated that the Tories would not increase Harlow council tax. Labour don't seem to have a clue about what they expect to do, they say there is a financial black hole but don't say how they will fix it, if indeed it exists. My impression is that the figures are prepared by council officers and are available to all councillors. That said, Dan Swords will not tell us us how much we have paid for Burnt Mills block of flats, is that commercial sensitivity or a commercial balls up.

2024-04-28 21:26:49


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