Harlow Alliance Party: Success comes in many forms as they continue to fight for the town

Elections / Mon 29th Apr 2024 at 08:48am

WEEK in and week out there is a representative from the Harlow Alliance Party at a scrutiny committee, planning committee, cabinet meeting and full council meeting.

At the very least, they keep the ruling council on their toes. At the very best, they can be instrumental in policy shifting, policy making and policy adapting.

That’s what we mean, when we use the word “success”.

Councils may be grateful that the other 93,000 people of Harlow don’t turn up to meetings and ask those difficult questions.

Over the years, they have been an inspiration for other groups to challenge the council We can certainly think of the Five Acres residents and the Risden Woods horse riders to name just two.

Yes, they will have their critics but when, in a few years time, 5000 people come down from the Latton Priory looking for a GP surgery, don’t say, nobody warned you. The Harlow Alliance Party did.

This year, they have four candidates.

Great Parndon Ward: Nick Taylor

Sumners and Kingsmoor ward: Alan Leverett

Latton Bush and Stewards: Karen James

Passmores: Steve Barnes

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4 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party: Success comes in many forms as they continue to fight for the town:

2024-04-29 10:43:04

Nick and co certainly add much valuable light and historical perspective to the burst the propaganda balloons, partial truths, mis- speaks put out by the main parties. Long may they continue.

2024-04-29 14:51:31

GO HARLOW ALLIANCE PARTY! I think you're great.

2024-04-30 13:13:15

The Harlow alliance party is made up of a wealthy elderly class. I am yet to see any positive changes they plan to implement that would help the younger people of Harlow or the people who are struggling to put food on the table.... Watching all the interview the only thing anyone talks about is stopping property development. What else is the alliance party offering? Because I cannot seem to figure it out. Very much seem like a single issue party. And it's the same all the time. All we hear is stop this and that building. What will you do other than that?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-30 16:09:04

Jay, have you taken the trouble to look at our website, where we have six films about policy issues? Have you seen our leaflets? So to be clear, we would transform the way the council allocates homes, so that more vacancies occur and more families could be given a home. We would seek more homes being built for older residents who could then downsize so their home could be allocated to young families. We want to see public toilets being built at each shopping centre. We want to see area forums being created so that residents can meet officers and councillors on a regular basis and so actively participate in the Council's policy making process. We want to see various resident groups re-invigorated including re-starting the bus users group so services across the town meets demand. We want to see the council being far more proactive in promoting all the wonderful things this town has to provided for visitors and residents alike. Take a look at the minutes of past Full Council and Cabinet meetings and see just how many searching questions members have asked in the last 6 years. Find us at www.harlowallianceparty.org

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