Ward by ward: Sumners and Kingsmoor: If not now Labour, when?

Elections / Tue 30th Apr 2024 at 10:15am

THIS is one of those wards in which every year we tend to wonder if Labour have a chance? The answer at the ballot box is clearly “No”. Even last year, the Conservatives won by a majority of 93. Close-ish…

Locally and nationally, this is going to be a difficult year for the Conservatives.

We get the impression that the Conservative candidates here are probably campaigning under the radar.

Former council leader, Russell Perrin may be on the back bench at the moment but you get the feeling he still has fire in the belly.

It is good to see Emma Ghaffari get a ward where she has a fighting chance. She has stood a few times now.

Veteran Clive Souter always looks like a councillor who embraces democracy, alway wants to contribute.

It is good to see Labour’s Bob Davis return to the fray. As a councillor he always spoken a lot of sense and always looked at each matter with Harlow in his heart and mind.

It would be great to see Cara Dunne in the council chamber. We are sure she would be a formidable force there.

The Greens have two candidates in Dean Bull and Julie Bull. We do hope that they are here for the long haul. It is important that the Greens, across the town continue to contribute to the dialogue.

Last but not least, Harlow Alliance Party’s Alan Leverett will look to get over the 200 vote mark.

So do Labour have a chance? If they take it then this may well prove how unpopular the Tories are, across the country, in 2024.

It will also augur well for the General Election. If Labour can get over 40% of the vote here, then that will encourage General Election candidate Chris Vince.

Labour will look to the stats and believe they are getting closer and closer.

Cons Majority

2021: 640

2022: 289

2023: 93

There has also been a tweak to the ward. But we still believe the Tories might have just enough.

YH Prediction: Conservative x 3 (but perhaps under 30 and a recount?)

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Dean Bull (Green)

Julie Bull (Green)


Robert Davis (Labour)

Cara Dunne (Labour)

Simon Vincent (Labour)


Emma Ghaffari (Conservative)

Russell Perrin (Conservative)

Clice Souter (Conservative)


Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party)

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20 Comments for Ward by ward: Sumners and Kingsmoor: If not now Labour, when?:

2024-04-30 13:17:56

Well the tories can't be trusted in this ward. Already they have some of the most influential politicians in the town elected in that area and have you seen how run down it is? The litter is unreal. There are 13 year old dealing drugs and doing balloons. The 1 bus that links it to the town turns up as and when it pleases. As probably the greenest area of Harlow I imagine the Greens would best be suited here. I'm sure all Alan and the wealthy alliance party will do is stop development as that's all they have ever spoke about in their interviews. After all. Alan has never mentioned the underlining issues most of the resident of that area face.

Guy Flegman
2024-04-30 14:51:22

Labour have 2 chances of running Harlow council, slim and none, and slim just left town.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-30 15:56:01

Jay, the wealthy Alliance Party? The Tories are the ones who have distributed up to 9 leaflets in many wards, no-doubt paid for from central office funds. We are proud of the fact that we were the only Party trying to stop development on the green belt close to the Ward in which you live in and across the rest of the town stopped development on many green field sites and in the long term helped residents take action which will stop land being sold for development. Other issues raised in general are about the lack of attention being given to overgrown trees, the state of the roads and landscaped areas. I can honestly say in all my 6 years of campaigning I have never had anyone speak to me about drug dealing. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of Harlow Alliance.

2024-04-30 17:13:59

Well Nicholas, Have you ever been to Sumners shops and seen the kids smoking weed all day and the nose cartridges all over the floor? I would think anyone standing in an area should understand the problems. But by wealthy I meant as individuals not as a party. Living in the only well off area in sumners area... the fact you don't experience druggies and crime says it all. And I have watched all your videos and notice you say the same thing. You are a 1 issue party. What will you do for the future generations of Harlow? And you are not the only party against development. To say so is ridiculous.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-04-30 17:46:20

Jay, well I think anyone else looking at our website will clearly see that we have a number of different policy areas, how for instance does creating public toilets and changing the allocation system for example suggest to you we are a one issue Party? The HAP Party has dozens of members from all walks of life and different political backgrounds. Lets not forget that under the Labour administration HGGT was created which will see thousands of homes being built on the Green Belt and under Labour the council was going to build on many of the towns green spaces. So where were the Tories at the time? No-where to be seen. They made no submission to where it really mattered, either with the Planning Inspector at Epping or Harlow. But guess who did, that's right, The Harlow Alliance Party. Any comments from both main Parties are simply crocodile tears. As a direct consequence of our intervention six sites from the Harlow Local Plan had to be deleted. Many countries are now of course legalising the use of certain drugs, this countries "war on drugs" is completely failing and I personally believe that a wholly new approach needs to be taken so that criminal gangs no longer prosper from the use of drugs. As a former housing manager at Harlow and Epping, if elected, I and other HAP councillors will press for firmer action for any resident causing anti-social behaviour. I said at the recent husting that I had noted how many tenants had been evicted for non payment of rent but also noted that none had been evicted for anti-social behaviour. this needs to change.

2024-04-30 18:17:30

What happened to councillor Nick Churchill I wonder ? He was councillor here for over 20 years & not a word about his retirement!

2024-04-30 23:36:12

Well what a ward fight, We have for Labour..Cara Dunne, who could be better to represent this town...she's a working Class hero, anyone that's drunk in any local pub in Harlow should have heard her Melodic sounds and known her Family. Proper Harlow grass roots...but there's more, this is the Arlo girl that got a degree, qualified as a Solicitor and has spent much of her career, defending Citizen rights, she's also probably got more Green credentials than The green Candidates..Go Cara....Sing . Whereas as Competition you have a faded Clive Souter representing the Masons yet again.

2024-05-01 05:32:18

Tonyp i would like to know too,a thoroughly decent tory councillor.I lived round the corner from him in brockles mead for years and saw evidence of him tirelessly helping residents and their issues.Far too nice to fit in with Dan Swords and co.Would be nice to hear how he's getting on.Hi Nick if you're reading this.

2024-05-01 07:26:46

I watch you interviews on YH Nicholas, you do not inspire me to take the time to go to your website. You are naive if you think everyone goes to check out every parties website. Considering 3/4 people do not vote in this town maybe you could incorporate some of your other policies into your interviews instead of expecting people to do the searching themselves... my opinion is that HAP is out of touch with what 70% of the town want or need. Your few dozen members are probably entirely over the age of 50. I am not being agist but how can you represent a town of 100000 people with the opinions of your few dozen members? It's taken you how many elections to get to 4 candidates? You would be best of joining another party and working to get rid of 2 party politics here in Harlow.

David Forman
2024-05-01 08:18:14

Labour have never done any real work in this ward and have only delivered one leaflet through the door in Sumners Farm. I did also receive another leaflet by post. HAP managed one leaflet. Both Clive Souter and Russell Perrin have resolved local issues for me. Labour have had a succession of different candidates, so no continuity. Indeed, it was Labour who gave Dan Long a start to his political career before he later emerged as a UKIP councillor. Got help us if any of the Labour candidates get elected in this ward.

2024-05-01 08:44:51

Oh wow your all as bad as each other & as for Sumners estate it is a DUMP & I hate it.

2024-05-01 09:24:11

@TonyP and Resident Thank you for your kind words, rather than comment on here I have written a letter to the editor which hopefully he will publish

2024-05-01 09:49:47

Fab Nick,hope you are enjoying your retirement!

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-01 11:25:53

Well Jay, you have a view but I think it is not based on any evidence whatsoever. It seems you have not even taken the trouble to visit our website, unlike the well over 2000 visitors to our website each month. We have been out and about for the last month and received very many positive comments about our policies. None of our members wish to join any other party, we are independents setting our own policy locally, not wedded to Westminster.

2024-05-01 16:31:19

I looked at your website Nicholas. As I already said there is not 1 mention of young people. 30% of homes will be affordable. Then 10% social housing. So I guess the remaining 60% would be un affordable housing? Just going by what the website says. And I hate to break it to you but if your website is getting 2000 views per Mpnth yet it's taken 6 years (since your party formed) to muster up an additional 2 candidates to stand by the original founders (yourself and Alan) would indicate to me that people do not like what they see. You will not win a seat of you do not appeal to the younger generation. I notice other people sporting people of all ages. Inspiring younger people to get involved in politics. Sadly you stand as much chance as UKIP to secure a seat... maybe you could join them, If I'm not mistaking you campaigned for Brexit didn't you?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-01 17:24:36

We will have to agree to disagree Jay.

2024-05-02 05:07:41

Nicholas Taylor,I love what HAP stand for but feel Jay makes intelligent well thought out points especially that HAP need to appeal to young people.

2024-05-02 05:30:29

Jay,your posts are so refreshing.Hope you go far in life.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-02 07:07:52

Resident, resident, a question was raised on this subject at the recent hustings and I responded that we wanted the Council to build on the work it does with the Youth Council, to go in to schools (and I would add now, speak to young people who go along to the many youth focused groups in the town) to find out what are the key issues they have and come up with plans to tackle these issues. Many people reminisce about play schemes and youth clubs but are these still relevant today? A HAP council would go out and find out. Our plans for the allocation of council housing will of course help young families and mainly young single adults have a better chance of getting a home and a better bus service will help people of all ages. So, to summarise, when you drill down our existing policies you will see that all ages will benefit and in other areas, policies would come from listening to residents whether at one of the proposed area forums or in schools, just as they have done up to now following the holding of our stalls in local shopping areas and on the doorstep.

2024-05-02 09:05:22

Sorry Nicholas.Both posts by me.

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