Harlow Alliance Party pledge closer ties between council and residents

Elections / Wed 1st May 2024 at 10:32am

A STATEMENT by the Harlow Alliance Party on the eve of the district council elections.

Both main Parties have made a handful of election pledges which when you look at closely turn out to be very similar, protecting council services, social housing, improving where residents live and shop, making our streets safer and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Whilst the Harlow Alliance Party believe these pledges are a common sense approach to tackling the issues which affect where people live and work, they miss out two big issues which members have heard whilst talking to residents in the Wards the Party is contesting.


It is very clear that residents feel completly divorced from what the Council says and does and many feel that voting will make no difference to the future of the town.

The Harlow Alliance Party will seek to reverse this trend by introducing Neighbourhood Forums, where residents can meet council officers and Councillors on a regular basis so that a two way exchange of information and views can take place to help shape the future of the town. The issue of improving bus services is also an issue that has been raised so the Harlow Alliance Party would seek to resurect the Bus Users Group as a way of creating a dialogue with bus companies and Essex County Council.


Harlow Alliance would seek major changes to the way that Council housing is allocated so that instead of just one third of homes being allocated to existing council tenants, two thirds would.

This would increase the number of homes becoming vacant and in turn more applicants being provided with a new home. Harlow Alliance would reintroduce Band 4 so that the true extent of housing need is recorded and once again allow those living in a flat to apply for a council house.

In addition, Harlow Alliance would press the council to build far more homes for older residents, enabling such residents to downsize their home, which in turn would enable more families being provided with a larger home.

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8 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party pledge closer ties between council and residents:

2024-05-01 12:58:32

Great ideas , but talk is cheap and I am afraid you won't get enough votes. But I will vote for you.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-01 15:24:44

Thanks Woody. We hope that residents will vote for just one candidate, not three as they are entitled to. Change will only happen if those people who do not vote, vote for a change.

2024-05-01 20:41:09

You have my vote

2024-05-01 21:19:31

HAP certainly know Harlow and is well worth one of your votes

2024-05-02 04:15:08

Really hope HAP get seats and consider young peoples issues too.May the good people of all parties get in.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-02 06:50:04

Resident, as I said at the recent hustings, the Council needs to build on the work it does with the Youth Council, it needs to go in to schools and existing groups catering for young people and find out first hand what issues concern young people and more importantly take action to deal with these issues. Older residents reminisce about the days of the play schemes and youth clubs but are these relevant to today? Our policies about helping more young families needing a council home and reinstating Band 4 applicants are ones which will of course help "older" young people.

2024-05-02 08:46:11

Thank you Nicholas.Good to hear.

2024-05-02 17:43:10

I have been to vote today, I haven't voted over the last few years, very dissatisfied with UK politics in general, however I have been impressed with HAP recently. You have my vote.

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