Harlow Conservative leader in fighting mood on eve of local elections

News / Wed 1st May 2024 at 05:04pm

By Ivana Domozetska

THE leader of the Harlow Conservatives was in positive mood on the eve of the local elections in the town.

He has a big battle on his hands but he looked like he was relishing the challenge.

We caught up with Dan Swords in the Netteswellbury Study Centre.

For full details of all candidates, ward profiles and more go to our politics page.


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8 Comments for Harlow Conservative leader in fighting mood on eve of local elections:

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-01 19:31:47

😄 🤣 😂 sorry made me chuckle.

Clark Renney
2024-05-01 23:26:24

I hope he will shortly be Leader of the Opposition. The good people of Harlow deserve much better than this Conservative Administration. So Vote for better, Harlow! Vote for your Labour Candidates on May 2. (Don't forget your Photo ID)...

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-02 07:35:49

Clark - Just watched the Chris Vince interview too and he has stated, absolutely committed to the spend to the Conservative plan they brought in (which supports the Harlow regeneration plan) but make sure the money is there. Watch Dan Swords and he states the money is there. So no budget, no plan from Labour as we will use the Conservatives, therefore, my question is what will Labour 'actually' bring to make Harlow better if Chris has openly said Labour is absolutely committed to the spend to the Conservative plan they brought in (which supports the Harlow regeneration plan).

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-02 09:29:27

The Council's regeneration team will be working on the same plans on Friday as they were last Friday, whoever controls the council, planning permissions have been granted, contracts have been let and start dates set. But of course in the meantime the former Square site, half of Broadwalk, Market House, the former Gate House site and the Odeon amongst others around the town have lain derelict for many years. The Harlow Alliance Party are clear that spending £9million on a new bus station, £20million on a cultural square leaving the town with the smallest theatre in the region and yet more attempts to "regenerate" Market Square are wasted opportunities. These are done deals, but we want to ensure that they are not repeated. We are the only Party with other policy areas, creating neighbourhood forums, building public toilets at the towns shopping centres, saving green spaces from development, promoting the towns wonderful facilities, radical changes to the way the council allocates its vacant homes and building far more homes for older residents to downsize their home. The choice is clear today, more of the same, or voting Harlow Alliance to begin the process of change from the stale two Party system that has dogged Harlow for decades.

2024-05-02 15:18:47

Nicholas Taylor,you mention in your comment about saving green spaces from development,but you then go on to say about building far more homes for older residents. Surely this would take up some of what little green space we have left in Harlow?

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-02 15:27:34

Nope Cheryl. There are a number of sites identified in the Local Plan already which would not involve green fields. These include regeneration of a number of shopping hatches and other "brownfield" sites. In addition we feel that a number of sites such as the former Lister House, Elm Hatch and Sherards House should be re-designed for older people. Unless the number of vacancies are increased, in the long term there will still be a housing crisis for those who cannot afford to rent or buy in the private sector,

2024-05-02 17:03:27

Thanks for your reply to my comment Nicholas Taylor,i was not aware of what you have mentioned in your comment,all seems fair enough in my opinion. Wpuld hate to see all of our green spaces eaten up by more and more new homes.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-02 19:01:59

Just to add Cheryl, we have been working with residents living close to 16 greenfield sites across the town who have made a Community Right to Bid application to the Council .These have been successful and mean the council can never sell the sites for development until the community have been offered the chance to buy them.

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