Church Langley Conservative councillor Andrew Johnson wins by-election for Essex County Council

Elections / Fri 3rd May 2024 at 03:41pm

THE political make-up of Essex County Council unchanged with Conservative elected to Harlow South East.

Andrew Johnson was elected to Essex County Council in a by-election yesterday (2 May) for the Harlow South East division.

The by-election was called following the resignation of Conservative Essex County Councillor Eddie Johnson.

The results were as follows with a turnout of 28.05%:

Andrew Johnson, Conservative, 2,008 votes
Kay Morrison, Labour, 1,476 votes
Dan Long, UKIP, 259 votes
Jennifer Steadman, Green, 257 votes
Christopher Millington, Liberal Democrat, 130 votes
Councillor Johnson was elected with a majority of 532 votes and joins the Conservative group on Essex County Council.

The political make-up of Essex County Council, which comprises 75 councillors in total, stands at:

Conservative – 51
Liberal Democrat – 8
Labour – 5
Non-Aligned Group – 10
There is a vacancy for the Pitsea division following the death of Councillor Luke Mackenzie.

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6 Comments for Church Langley Conservative councillor Andrew Johnson wins by-election for Essex County Council:

2024-05-03 16:11:35

Mr invisible, yet to see him in Church Langley after living here 30 years. Definitely not a hands on, get involved with the community person like Nicky Purse.

2024-05-03 16:55:47

Just maybe I mean just maybe he could direct some of the funds that have been allocated for pot holes back to Harlow! His dad Eddie changed the speck for what a pot hole is meaning unless its a certain depth its not classed as a pot hole and doesn't get filled! Momples road !

David Forman
2024-05-03 19:01:10

Strange comments as I've seen Andrew Johnson out in various parts of the town leafleting and canvassing. I'm sure he will quickly prove to be an asset at Essex County Council.

Mark Gough
2024-05-04 23:32:43

Well done to Andrew. Great result by Dan Long - a good third beating both Greens and Lib Dems. Mark Gough - Leader UKIP Harlow

Nick Gunning
2024-05-05 14:26:53

Hopefully a couple of tory councillors will develop a conscience and reject the tory Party. Harlow deserves a decent chance and this man and his accomplices aren't going to manage that!

Alma Kerridge
2024-05-05 16:58:18

Seems as though our country is going to be run by, Communists, that’s what Labour have always been.

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