Roger Hirst elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex for third term

Crime / Sat 4th May 2024 at 06:05am

ROGER Hirst, Conservative, has been re-elected as Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex for a third successive term with a promise for more local, visible and accessible policing to drive down crime and anti-social behaviour.

 He has also pledged to reduce knife crime, protect young people and improve road safety to reduce road death in Essex to zero. Protecting women and girls from violence and domestic abuse and ensuring vulnerable people are protected were also included in his election manifesto.

Roger Hirst said: “I’m grateful to the people of Essex for their endorsement of what we have been working very hard to achieve over the past eight years. We have successfully grown Essex Police, recruiting over 905 extra officers, making Essex Police the largest and strongest it has ever been and we will work to maintain this high level of officers. Crime and anti-social behaviour is falling in Essex and we will work to get crime down again.

“We are improving the culture of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service with a focus on prevention and protection, which is saving lives.”

He added: “I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in the election across the county, in particular the Police Area Returning Officer Pamela Donnelly and her team.”

Voting took place on Thursday with the votes counted and announced at Colchester’s Charter Hall today (Friday) by the Police Area Returning Officer Pam Donnelly, Chief Executive of Colchester Borough Council.

The final results were:

FOX, Adam Daniel, Labour and Co-operative Party, 116875

FRANKS, Kieron Anthony, Liberal Democrat, 52922

HIRST, Roger Charles The Conservative Party Candidate, 126447 ELECTED

TILBROOK, Robin Charles William English Democrats, 44909

The countywide turnout was 24.52 per cent.

The total number of votes cast across Essex: 340,248

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9 Comments for Roger Hirst elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex for third term:

David Carter
2024-05-04 08:35:36

Well done Roger Keep up the good work

David Forman
2024-05-04 09:26:29

Roger Hirst has done a good job. Roger is a polite and respectful individual who responds to correspondence. He is one of the few politicians that quietly gets on with the job without endlessly promoting himself. I wish him well for the future.

David Forman
2024-05-04 10:09:29

A more worrying trend is the large number of votes for solicitor Robin Tilbrook who Hope Not Hate (HnH) describe as a "longstanding far-right activist". Tilbrook gets a mention from both HnH and the Community Security Trust (CST) in relation to his speaking at Keep Talking vents. Keep Talking is described by HnH as a "conspiracy theory group". Of more concern is the co-founders of Keep Talking. The CST say: "Nick Kollerstrom, is a long-time conspiracy theorist whose career in academia came to an end after he was exposed as a Holocaust denier. Kollerstrom has since referred to “storybook gas chambers” when describing the death camp Auschwitz." See the CST's report on Keep Talking at: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://cst.org.uk/data/file/6/c/keep-talking-2020-02.1615559510.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi43uL33_OFAxVdWkEAHbgxBEwQFnoECA4QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0GtGKZfFtkHO-9maCGQLSi

gary roberts
2024-05-04 13:49:08

Mr. Hirst wins! He always has a party, or something else to do when I ask to meet him to discuss policing in Potter Street. That is showing disrespect to the people in my area who contribute to his salary. As regards more police officers, that is nonsense as the officers tell me when I speak to them. The phrase lions led by donkeys is more than appropriate in Harlow.

David Forman
2024-05-04 17:00:29

I clearly remember asking Roger Hirst about supporting victims of crime at Moot Hall in The Stow on 5th March this year. Former Labour portfolio holder Waida Forman asked about cybercrime. I don't remember Gary Roberts being there. For Gary's benefit here is the PFCC's report of that meeting: https://www.essex.pfcc.police.uk/news/panel-answers-audience-questions-at-pfcc-essex-harlow-public-meeting/

Gary Roberts
2024-05-04 17:17:28

Mr Forman you are correct I wasn't there! Relevance of that fact is? My approach to Mr Hirst relates to previous approaches over his period in office. I decided to forget him and deal with the lions instead. Much better response.

hdhdhdh hdhdhd
2024-05-05 18:26:38

Anyone quoting anything from the vile organisation Hope Not Hate needs to look at themselves. In the last year they were under investigation by three police forces for death threats, posting pictures of houses for attack, paying witnesses, providing class b drugs and sexual assault! Lovely people!

Gemma C.
2024-05-08 12:24:30

Remember when the local MP was trying to sort out the traveller problems in Harlow, he was always busy doing something else ! An absolute waste of Money for these commissioners including this Fool ! How did he get re-elected ! Just look around at the Crime going On !

2024-05-10 17:29:39

David Forman - if Mr Tilbrook is on the ballot paper people are free to vote for him and that’s their choice if they agree with his politics. Organisations like hope not hate target anyone with right of centre views and label them as ‘far right’. They never highlight hateful or racist behaviour from ethnic minorities and are noticeably quiet when it comes to left wing antisemitism. These people are communist agitators and hypocrites.

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