Works start on rebuild of Harlow Bus Station and Terminus Street

Business / Wed 8th May 2024 at 04:00pm

WORKS to make way for the complete rebuild of Harlow’s bus station and the transformation of Terminus Street in Harlow town centre are now underway.

Demolition work by Morgan Sindall has now started to enable delivery of the multi-million-pound regeneration of Harlow Bus Station which will create a first-class Sustainable Transport Hub and improvements to Terminus Street.

Photos by Brian Thomas Photography

Funded by Government as part of Harlow’s £23.7m Towns Fund programme, the regeneration scheme will see the existing bus station replaced with a new bright and welcoming Transport Hub, providing public transport for Harlow’s residents, visitors and employees; and connecting with the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town sustainable transport corridor.

Work has started with the demolition of the existing bus station information point and toilets. To cause as least disruption as possible to bus users the demolition of the footbridge will take place over the May Bank Holiday (25 to 27 May). To help with its safe removal and undertake the works as quick as possible the bus station will need to close from 7pm on Saturday 25 May 2024, reopening at 7am on Tuesday 28 May 2024. The following will be in place:

Bus services will continue to operate as per the timetable, with temporary stands provided in Crown Gate and South Gate. Full details of services and temporary bus stands will be available as soon as possible. Crown Gate and South Gate will have temporary traffic restrictions in place, restricting access to buses, Essex Police and service access.

Terminus Street will also have traffic, pedestrian and cycle restrictions in place, with no north-south access provided; pedestrians will need to use Broad Walk as a means of accessing between north and south of Terminus Street. Businesses included Mecca bingo and Tenpin continue to operate as normal throughout the works.

The Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Dan Swords, who was on site today in the Bus Station to mark the start of works, said:

“We are getting on with the job of delivering our mission to rebuild our town with the transformation of Harlow’s bus station and Terminus Street. The area will be transformed into a state-of-the-art Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange to help put the heart back into Harlow’s town centre. The transformation of the area will make a huge difference to this side of the town centre and will complement our improvements to Broad Walk and our plans for Market Square.

“There will be some disruption to bus users during the demolition and construction works. We will be working closely with the contractors to keep disruption to a minimal and we will ensure that regular updates are issued for bus users and signs are kept updated.”

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32 Comments for Works start on rebuild of Harlow Bus Station and Terminus Street:

2024-05-08 16:11:28

Dan, just make sure there are buses in our lovely new bus station, please, preferably advertising the new M & S in Harlow

2024-05-08 16:18:19

This is great and definitely needed, but as voteforme says, the bus services need major overhaul and improvement as well. I hope the new bus station has been thought through better than the last one.

Neil WB
2024-05-08 16:25:33

What a Stupid waste of Money..as bad as all the under used bus lanes..

Anthony W
2024-05-08 16:52:56

There he is! Dan Dan the bulldozer man! I don't see in the article any mention of terminus house going, just talk of work starting on the bus station. I believe the promise prior to the election involved the demolition of terminus House? The bus station work has been in the pipeline for some time I believe.

View from Afar
2024-05-08 17:02:10

Dan, when is work going to start on demolishing the Town Centre shops?

2024-05-08 17:50:42

One thing at a time people

Buster lee
2024-05-08 18:00:28

Well done Dan Keep up the good work , we just need to get rid of the sas gang who run around our town wearing ski masks and doing no good as we all know !!

Catherine bilsland
2024-05-08 18:07:14

No point in having a fancy bus station with no decent shops to go to , the market square has been redeveloped twice what a waste of money

65 Resident
2024-05-08 18:22:58

Whereabouts will the new M&S bee in the Town Centre

Dell boy
2024-05-08 18:35:42

Morgan sindall hope they are quicker on this then Edinburgh way!

2024-05-08 18:46:31

Its Desperate Dan the Digger Man!😂 I bet he was always playing with his Tonka Toys when he was young. Erm… younger! A serious question. Considering Essex County Council keeps cutting the bus routes, will there be any buses left to use it? Another serious question - will they use some of the rubble to fill up the potholes that the County Council aren’t repairing??

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-08 19:06:50

Dan swords, Terminus House is private buyer, has he agreed to sell.? And where are you going to place all the people from Terminus House.?? You quickly skipped over talking about this on your little video. 😄 Seeing is believing, plenty of things being knocked down, we will see if ever anything actually goes up.

Nick Gunning
2024-05-08 19:16:55

The bus contract needs to be taken in house as the services are a complete mess. They don't turn up and crowds build up a more people wait for inadequate services which ask arrive in pairs/threes. I can remember the BBC running a competition for the worst public building in UK. Harlow bus station won hands down! And that was before the sliding doors stopped working and the electronic timetable displays became intermittent! The whole area compounds bad design with a total disregard for the fact that humans need to use it. Let's hope the new one is more findings m functional and offers seamless commuting round the town and the villages, and an improved connection with rail services.

2024-05-08 19:58:16

A waste of money combined with an inadequate sustainable transport plan that simply doesn't solve problems and is unsustainable. Money needs to be spent on retaining PAH or moving it into the mothballed ex GlaxoSmithKline building at the Pinnacles, more and better maintained Council Houses, youth clubs and services, park and ride, community policing, and a comprehensive cycling and walking network and better bus services.

2024-05-08 20:42:11

I don’t know if you let other people use your toys, but how about letting one of our Local Heroes have a go on the dumper truck when you start knocking down that moribund Harvey Harlow Centre - Did you promise to start knocking it down straight after the election? - The place is so depressing with those degenerates sitting in that cafe in the middle all day - and the vape shops and phone unlocking shops and nail bars - Demolishing that will be the last part of the jigsaw.

Rosemary Cafferkey Cafferkey
2024-05-08 22:09:21

Town centre need improvement , need Mark spencer , nice cafes , not Poundland .. Zara shop

2024-05-08 22:31:33

Knocking down a bus station to build a bus station. That's a great use of taxpayer money.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-05-08 23:09:27

Norm, £9 million. The current bus station was built less than 20 years ago and suffered from a lack of maintenance on a daily basis and a long term plan to keep it in good order. This was of course the Council's responsibility. So having built a new one, how confident can anyone be that it won't suffer the same fate? No evidence has ever been produced that people don't use buses because of the state of the one being demolished or that more people will use a bus once the new one is built. Indeed with cuts to bus services it might have been better for the council to have set up a company and purchased a dozen or more modern electric buses and provided the service itself.

2024-05-09 05:10:36

Nostradamus,love your posts.Wish you were running the council

Guy Flegman
2024-05-09 08:10:52

I have lost count of the number of times our bus station has been redeveloped since I was born. Why can’t they build something that lasts! They don’t rebuild the train station every couple of decades, so why the bus station.

2024-05-09 08:24:29

How many times has Terminus bus station been rebuilt now only to be done again again & again. It really is like playing with Lego for Dan Swords or that is how it looks. So many projects on the go but all about knocking down, think he must have a childish fetish of just putting he's hard hat on & playing. Maybe he should think about some nice new buses (matchbox toys) & sing the wheels on the bus go round & round !! to replace the smelly rattly buses that pollute the air & choke us. Well Dan Swords you have a lot of promises to act on let hope we see lot more than demolishing going on. Think you have taken on more than you can actually do.

2024-05-09 09:08:51

Just glad to see that at last they are knocking down that awful Harvey Centre - I guess that is one election promise fulfilled. Don't they something at AA about hitting rock bottom before whatever... Have we hit rock bottom yet or have we got a way to go?

David D
2024-05-09 10:14:56

The bus station has been through three developments. The current one was built on 1999.

Resident wanting a better harlow
2024-05-09 11:40:00

Need M & S back as a food store and get rid of the trashy shops inc the ugly looking polish store, foreign food stores n off licence - push out all the low life’s, make Harlow a more middle class town!

Get a grip
2024-05-09 14:35:24

M&S should go into mothercare old place Retail park with b&m and Lidls is an absolute shambles, queues are crazy. Aldis is in the wrong place, trying to pull out of there when people are flying down the road above speed limit, Get a grip and start to see the other issues around town. I walk around the town and all I see is coffee shops, I’d rather travel to lakeside or Westfield and actually have a nice day rather than 1 shop in the town

2024-05-09 15:15:17

Resident wanting a better harlow ur rite. We dont need no polishes in this town I wear white trainers. And close all the Indians and Chineses foreign muck and eat proper british food like spaghetti bolognese and fosters.

2024-05-10 01:18:40

All very well having a new bus station but how about some decent bus services to go with it? 2 hourly town services on Sunday are a joke!

Fact or Fiction
2024-05-10 08:57:12

A couple of comments on the Harvey Centre being demolished, did I miss something, was the commitment to demolish Terminus House?

James Gamble
2024-05-10 09:39:15

With more cars and no parking spaces throughout the town and a fragmented bus service, in a town center that has been run down over many years, this council decide to spend money on a bus station. When I was young we were proud of our town center with a cinema, a market, night clubs and lots of shops to visit. Today it is looking derelict, why would anyone want to go there? You can't get from my house to many parts of the town without catching two buses, waiting in rain swept bus stops with little to no cover. It is no wonder people are getting into their cars. Harlow was built as a pram town with some areas with no parking spaces and cars having to park on pavements. What is needed is complete review of what is really needed. A good reliable bus service that encircles the town instead of old fashion fixed bus routes the start and finish in the town center. More parking made available in streets to get cars off the pavements. In Brockles mead where I live there is room to make space for parking by getting rid of the useless roundabouts and freeing up space for parking. Then there are the garages the vast majority are not being used to keep cars in.

2024-05-10 10:48:55

Whereas I accept in the past that Terminus House and other Caridon properties in Harlow have had a bad press I want to know why does Cllr Dan Swords focus so much on just these properties ? There are many other similar properties in Harlow in around the town centre and on Edinburgh Way some of which are a dire in provision with no community support housing very vulnerable people and young children so why does he focus only on Caridon? If we are in a winning the votes campaign then have a good look as what theses other residency do not provide and the risk children lives are being put at !! We hear so much talk about Harlow homes for Harlow residents, but when are you a resident? Dan Himself has not lived so very long in Harlow ! Terminus house is currently home to many families with very young children and also professional people supporting our local public services. So don’t be so quick to pull down their homes until you offer a better alternative Harlow council currently on many occasions cannot provide adequate housing especially for families and I have experienced first hand the awful situation where it has placed families into hotels where there is no cooking or washing clothes facilities and how much a week has that the cost the council ? . Terminus house currently provides a family with all of there basic needs . If there is a better option, then if Cllr Swords tell us where all theses people should go . Harlow you were built and pride yourself as an original new town providing new opportunities for the London overspill. Yes there are people who have come into our town with the wrong intentions but there are many who are happy and are making a positive contribution and building their lives. Are the council about blah or peoples lives !! Yes you can pull a bus station down, demolish a bridge and build a town centre but remember in the middle of all this there are people especially children . Great PR conservatives but do remember controlling the council you are represent all people !!!!

Dan Long
2024-05-10 19:10:49

This has been going on for about three weeks. So why publish this now?

Vince Hurley
2024-05-14 18:52:56

I'm glad I am not the only one that noticed that Morgan Sindall were the appointed developer's for the Bus station and Road net works. This is the company that over run the Edinburgh Way Project with wrong materials used and over budget. This is also the same company that's behind the Old Street gyratory system in central London, which was originally due to be completed by the end of 2020, its now millions of pounds over budget and still ongoing as reported in the Evening Standard. This project has caused major traffic problems in the City and surrounding area's for the last Six years. So are the people behind awarding this contract, i.e. The Councilor's and Officers from Essex and Harlow Councils, also Government Minsters ?, going to be keeping an Eye on this Project so the residents of Harlow and surrounding area's wont have to suffer years of Traffic chaos, congestion and delays.

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