Police launch appeal after teenager stabbed on Nicholls Field

Crime / Sun 12th May 2024 at 03:34pm

ESSEX Police is appealing for any information or witnesses to an assault in Harlow.

They were called at about 9pm on Friday 10 May to Nicholls Field with reports an 18-year-old had been approached by several suspects and sustained two stab wounds to his leg.

Officers and paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and the 18-year-olds injuries are not believed to be life-threatening or life-changing.

Now, officers are appealing for any witnesses who were in the area at the time of the incident to contact the police.

Detective Inspector Karen Knibbs said: “ We believe this incident was witnessed by a number of people who may be able to assist us with understanding what happened. 

“We’d also like to hear from anyone driving in or near Nicholls field at the time who has dashcam footage that may be useful to our investigation.

“I’d like to reassure the public that we do not believe there is a wider threat, and our officers have been patrolling that area throughout the weekend.”

Contact us quoting incident number 1245 of Friday 10 May.

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19 Comments for Police launch appeal after teenager stabbed on Nicholls Field:

2024-05-12 16:08:20


Harlow lifer
2024-05-12 16:16:48

More london riff raff??

2024-05-12 17:13:11

Harlow Lifer I wouldn't think these culprits are from London. Probably born and raised in Harlow. No sheltered housing in that area. Not unless they have migrated from the stow due to more police presence in the stow now? So many now have the mentality that carrying a knife is ok? Because it evens the odds?

2024-05-12 18:23:44

Harlow lifer! There is so much antisocial behaviour up that end of town and they all come from Harlow, gangs, drug dealing and the police and council do nothing, on this occasion I will blame the parents who see their kids behaviour and think it's funny.

2024-05-12 18:32:10

Harlow Lifer....Very easy to say isnt it? Completely unhelpful with no proof at all and absolutely offensive to people like myself who moved from London and gives up hours and hours of my free time to massively contribute to the Harlow community and pay all sorts of taxes along the vast majority who have also moved here. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Harlow is a new town that was built to re-house those from London who suffered from the Blitz. Such ignorance.

2024-05-12 21:05:34

Yet another incident where a full description of the offenders is not given, now why would that be?

2024-05-12 22:12:03

Well this article won't say it and neither will the police. It was three black guys. Source I was there when that boy was being worked on by paramedics and witnesses were still being talked too. When I asked the first guy what happened the first thing he said was "I don't mean to sound racist but it was three black guys". Other witnesses confirmed that too. The issue I think we are all more than aware of is that the police and media are acting like they are protecting us when they don't reveal the information they have because they feel it might upset some people. Well to the officer that I spoke to that day and for media I would just say. Don't ask for the publics help when you're holding onto key information like this. Oh and if I've offended anyone by saying the truth about the colour of the criminals who did this. If I told you I was a black man would you settle down. Probably not.

2024-05-13 10:46:26

Makes me laugh get these little pussies one on one with there fists and there run home to mummy . Gangsters my back side

2024-05-13 10:51:24

That stow park “gang” really think there doing bits

2024-05-13 20:00:16

I wish these kids could see they are ruining each others lives. Nearly all of this culture is drug related. Think of that Harlow people next time you buy coke for the weekend. It has far reaching devastation.

2024-05-13 20:43:41

Well done to the young girl who looked about 15 who took her jacket off to put over the wound and her top to help her friend

Gary Nitche
2024-05-14 05:18:59

Stop teaching our children about pronouns, and talking rubbish like a boy can be a girl etc etc and START EDUCATING THEM ABOUT KNIFE CRIME

2024-05-14 05:36:05

Alan M, you act as if white chavs aren't going around with knifes and stabbing each other. What about the white guy who was dismembered and whose body parts were put in ponds around Harlow by another white guy? Harlow is majority white and still a cesspit.

2024-05-14 14:55:29

@trace For your information I was a witness to what had happened , NONE of this was drug related so before your start assuming don’t your dare say it was drug related do your research you stupid women

2024-05-14 16:59:33

Annoymous - learn to read will you? "Nearly all of this culture is drug related". Calm down, nobody accused anyone of anything, people to blame in drug related gang knife crime are the adults using & abusing children.

2024-05-15 12:10:54

@trace no the kids who don’t this think there bad purley because they have been kicked out of London , they think they can come to where we live and run the place , it’s an absolute joke to this society , as me being a witness to the incident it has traumatised me and I’m sick of people thinking it’s drug related or something to do with illegal stuff when it’s not I know what’s happened from start to finish and even before this incident so I know the full story .

2024-05-15 18:55:16

They get piddly sentences for stabbing people in the arms & legs, so they do it. Until one day they hit an artery and only then do they get a decent lump of porridge. In my opinion, if you go out armed with a knife and you deliberately stick that knife into someone - anywhere on their body - it should be 10 years as a starting point. That would make them think twice.

2024-05-22 18:26:21

Sunday 19th got approached by the same gangs at ladyshot shop on momple road swung a knife at me and my mate at least 6-8inches curved edge 4 with knifes that were seen

Rather not say
2024-05-22 18:26:42

Sunday 19th got approached by the same gangs at ladyshot shop on momple road swung a knife at me and my mate at least 6-8inches curved edge 4 with knifes that were seen

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