New laws to be introduced to prosecute dangerous cyclists

Crime / Thu 16th May 2024 at 08:05am

THE government has today (15 May 2024) agreed to introduce new laws so cyclists who kill or seriously injure because of dangerous cycling, or who kill through careless cycling, face the same penalties as drivers and motorcyclists who do so.

Ministers have backed an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill, put forward by Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP, to introduce the ‘Offence of causing death by dangerous, careless or inconsiderate cycling, and causing serious injury by careless or inconsiderate cycling’.

The government will bring forward an updated amendment to the bill as it enters the House of Lords where it will be further debated.

Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, said: 

Most cyclists, like most drivers, are responsible and considerate. But it’s only right that the tiny minority who recklessly disregard others face the full weight of the law for doing so.

Just like car drivers who flout the law, we are backing this legislation introducing new offences around dangerous cycling. These new measures will help protect law-abiding cyclists, pedestrians and other road users, whilst ensuring justice is done.

I would like to thank Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP for bringing forward this amendment, and to all the campaigners who have tirelessly highlighted this issue – this is in recognition of their efforts in particular.

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10 Comments for New laws to be introduced to prosecute dangerous cyclists:

2024-05-16 10:00:25

Well i have never heard of a DEATH caused by a cyclist before now!... is this just another tyrannic government idea before the elections and will Tax and insurance be on their next agenda?... More importantly how about banning MPs from Parliarment for commititng sex crimes instead.

2024-05-16 10:22:32

ENOUGH, I think you need to pay attention to the news. It is not a tyrannic govt idea. It is because the laws around cyclists are vague eg keeping to speed limits. I write as someone who cycles. Of course, it has only take about 150 years to put in place.

Guy Flegman
2024-05-16 10:45:30

What is the point of new laws. There are already laws to cover this stuff, just like there are laws against e-scooters.. all that needs to happen is for the existing laws to be enforced

2024-05-16 23:02:07

voteforme (TORY).... I am also a cyclist... Please do enlighten us' how many deaths have been caused by cyclists. As for Tyrannic behavior.. Idiot Duncan Smith got a knighthood for demonizing the sick and unwell for claiming Benefits. Pay no attention to the media News its from the same ole Tory script.

Never enough
2024-05-17 08:04:59

ENOUGH it is around 400 people per year. If it was up to me we would ban all bikes. They are only used by criminals and people that wear lycra.

2024-05-17 08:17:13

All my life I have cycled around this town and still do.I never cycle on pavements,never jump red lights and always indicate and have lights in the dark yet some motorists still think its ok to bully me off the road.Sick to the back teeth of it.Have held a driving licence now for over forty years and guess what no points on it whatsoever and no accidents so to all those people out there who seem to have no indicators on their cars please start using them and to all those idiot pedestrians glued to their phones aimlessly walking on shared paths or cycle tracks get of your bloody phone and pay attention.

Dean Wilson.
2024-05-17 10:43:45

Realistically it would be best to just enforce a license requirement for bikes. Ensuring that cyclists are aware of laws of the road, speed restrictions etc. A lot of cyclists who use roads and cycle tracks are often less aware of the requirement placed on them to ensure public safety. License for bikes is the best way to prevent these issues from happening.

2024-05-17 13:13:24

Ratboy All road users whether cars ,lorries, buses, cyclist and also pedestrians all need to adhere to the highway code. I too have had my licence for over 46 years. I drove a lorry as well as being a cyclist. The standard of driving , cycling and walking in Harlow is atrocious at times and this is just one part of our Country. The Police need to be more proactive and prosecute more. As for the useless IDS , we'll I wont go into that, privileged fool.

2024-05-17 14:19:56

never enough...That is a very sad and uneducated comment you made.

2024-05-17 14:20:05

Ratboy seems like you are angry with everyone. If all you smell is dogs muck, check your own shoes...

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