Harlow Labour councillors pleased at installation of defibrillator in town centre

News / Sat 18th May 2024 at 10:23am

IN July 2023 Labour Cllrs Chris Vince and James Griggs tabled a motion calling for Harlow Council to locate and register as many defibrillators as possible within the town. They further called for funding to identify key locations for publicly accessible defibrillators to be installed.

This week a new defibrillator has been installed in the town centre on the wall of the Playhouse Yard.

Labour Parliamentary Candidate Cllr Chris Vince and Harlow Labour Leader Cllr James Griggs said: ‘We are pleased that the motion we put forward last year has finally started to take effect. This new defibrillator should be the first of many across the town, providing much needed access to vital life saving equipment.’

To find your nearest defibrillator check the website The Circuit – the national defibrillator network

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8 Comments for Harlow Labour councillors pleased at installation of defibrillator in town centre:

2024-05-18 12:03:26

Fantastic news, another ten or more would be even better around our town

2024-05-18 13:12:29

This is great news by why does it require a political intervention and why does it then take 8 months.

Tony Wiseman
2024-05-18 15:30:43

Is there any possibility that the Cllr's could get a list published of where and when the others will be installed?

Waida Forman
2024-05-18 16:43:59

Who will check the devices, remember they need battery and pads changing.

Eamonn Durr
2024-05-18 19:50:06

Will people be trained to use them correctly?

Me, Harlow
2024-05-18 22:10:31

It is wonderful, but sadly going on by a lot of the mentality of people in Harlow, I suspect be either smashed or stolen within weeks.

2024-05-19 07:29:41

Eamonn. No training needed , it tells you what to do step by step . And if it senses a heart beat it won't start working. But this is Harlow , it won't be there long , some smack head will steal it and sell it .

Mark Gough
2024-05-23 11:18:16

It's very sad that when Politicians do something fantastic like this, the negatives about potential damage comes out. It's time to applaud and get behind a terrific policy that could save lives. One in each shopping area would be great. As Eddie says, no training needed as they talk to you and give you instructions on use! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

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