Are the Slow Horses galloping towards Bush Fair?

Entertainment / Sun 19th May 2024 at 11:26am

THE BUSH Fair shopping centre will be used as a filming location all next week.

Notices have been placed all over the shopping centre as well as the Tye Green Bowling Club as well as a number of other car parks.

It is believed that the Apple TV hit series Slow Horses is set to film there although that has not been confirmed.

Slow Horses is a spy thriller television series starring Gary Oldman.

There has been three series televised to date.

One of the locations in the third series was the Church Langley water tower.

 In January 2024, it was renewed for a fifth series, which will be based on the fifth book in the series, London Rules.[6]

Harlow has become increasingly popular as a movie/television location with ITV’s Trigger Point and Landscapers filming in the town.

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14 Comments for Are the Slow Horses galloping towards Bush Fair?:

Bert bert
2024-05-19 14:07:20

Probably needed to film drunks and crackhead for a scene... perfect place for that

2024-05-19 21:24:28

Great series, look forward to the next one. Did laugh at Bert's comment tho, that is it's style, the seedy underbelly of Britain's criminals!

2024-05-20 03:46:42

Bert and trace, before you mock bush fair you need to look at the stow!!

2024-05-20 07:43:46

Bert, they could have filmed anywhere in harlow for that

2024-05-20 07:48:02

Well Davert, there no need to come after the stow is there. Every hatch has its problems. I actually think the stow is a very friendly place and the people are lovely.

Colleen Morrison
2024-05-20 09:18:12

Dear Editor, Bert, Davert and Phil, Bush Fair is often chosen as a film location, not due to Drugs and alcohol problems - which are world wide issues and are not ones which are specific to Bush Fair, the Stow or Harlow - but due to our 60s architecture. What may be specific to Bush Fair, however, is that we're one of Harlow's most successful and thriving, mixed commercial, manufacturing, services and retail centres, thanks to our hundreds of hard working staff, a great range of shops and businesses and thanks to the loyal support of Bush Fair's customers. Also, after decades of neglect under past councils, Bush Fair Centre is also looking so much better these days, thanks to Harlow Conservative Council's improvements: with new benches, new bins, steam cleaned pavements and brickwork, repaired and repainted railings and steps and the removal of c 60 years of debris from our town planner, Sir Freddie Gibberd's lovely cobbled pavement features.

Herbert Thompson
2024-05-20 10:50:58

I’ll have to go and have a look at that filming in Bush fair.look out for any celebrities.

2024-05-20 17:42:27

Bert. They could have filmed anywhere in the Country if they wanted that. People who constantly make comments like Berts, have lived a sheltered life and need to get out more. mick

2024-05-20 18:56:36

Just be careful of the muggers, druggies, 12 year old's drinking. Big women with tattoos shouting, See Yer later. The waft of cannabis coming down from Sherwood House. The windscreen wipers being torn off cars the shoplifters cartel. Apart from that, Bush Fair. How lovely.

2024-05-20 21:06:04

Fans may be lucky enough to spot Gary Oldman during filming in Harlow over the next few weeks.

2024-05-20 21:51:24

T, you must agree tho, a senseless murder of the Polish man, Beverly Brinkleys terrible murder and more recently stabbings not to mention dorringtons windows getting smashed, do you really need me to go on??

2024-05-21 08:39:05

Is there such a thing as a 'wise' murder?

Michael Price
2024-05-22 14:02:54

I am told by a film actor friend that the business’s do get financially compensated for lost trade. Hope they pay council for parking

2024-05-24 19:36:42

Been there a week surprised wheels are still on there vehicles even Tesco trolleys are left on bricks

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