Torrential rain causes flooding in parts of Harlow

News / Tue 21st May 2024 at 09:02pm

Statement from Essex Fire and Rescue

The persistent rain meant it was a busy night for our Control Room, firefighters and officers with more than 70 incidents between yesterday (Tuesday 21 May) at 5pm and today (Wednesday 22 May) at 9am.

Incidents we attended included:

  • Southend firefighters were called to a flooded house in Broomfield Avenue, Leigh at 4.56pm and isolated the electrics.
  • Crews from Ongar, Brentwood and Leigh attended flooded properties in Stapleford Road, Stapleford Abbots at 6.15pm and rescued six occupants, including an elderly woman who was trapped on the first floor of her home. Crews were at the scene until 9.51pm.
  • A crew from Thaxted cut up and removed a tree which had fallen across Elder Street, Wimbish. We were called at 8.12pm and cleared the road by 9.22pm.
  • Harlow firefighters attended a flooded houses in Spencers Croft, Harlow at 8.37pm. They led a family of three to safety and cleared drainage holes. They left the scene at 9.22pm.
  • Crews from Colchester and Wivenhoe attended three homes and a business affected by floodwater in New Road, Aldham at 9.57pm. They pumped out water and remained at the scene until 1.31am.
  • We were called to properties in Fullers Mead, Spencers Croft, Carters Mead, Primrose Field, Warley Hook, Sycamore Field, Little Pynchons, Tilbury Mead, Sumners Farm Close and Elizabeth Way.
  • At most of these properties, our Control team, crews or an officer gave advice, often to isolate the electrics, but no action was needed.

With more rain expected today, please take care when you are driving. Leave extra time for your journey and do not risk driving through floodwater, find an alternative route.

Please help us by only calling 999 if there is a risk to life.

2200 hours: TORRENTIAL rain has affected a number of areas in Harlow.

Over 80 houses in the Carters Mead area of Potter Street have been affected.

From the comment and films on our Facebook page, the worst affected places were in the south and south east of the town.

A large part of Potter Street then over to either side of Southern Way (Sakins Croft, Pittmans Field).

Fire Crews from Old Harlow have been in attendance.

More follows including a full statement from Harlow Council.

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16 Comments for Torrential rain causes flooding in parts of Harlow:

2024-05-21 21:13:08

Awful for anyone affected. The drains need to be maintained and cleared frequently, and building on any land greedy developers is responsible for a lot of this. I saw an article recently about turning London into a sponge city to help with flooding. Having natural green spaces, ponds and lakes. Imagine that, I believe that's how things used to be, now it's a novel idea with a ridiculous name . If course, it's too expensive and requires too much space. We as a species are utterly doomed. We never learn and are speeding towards a brick wall at full speed.

Hey Big Spender
2024-05-21 22:18:32

Too much concrete and plastic lawns and the rainwater has nowhere to go. Sewers need a good maintenance programme, but the state of Thames Water’s finances, we have no hope of them maintaining their rotten sewage system. This country is falling to bits.

2024-05-22 06:31:25

Agree with EVERYTHING above.Nature knows best and will always naturally correct imbalances with no help from mankind.I feel the frustration of Resident and Hey Big Spender.They get it.The fools running harlow council don't.What idiots.Too busy eating up the green spaces,concreting over everything due to pure greed.Killing trees,the lungs of the earth and displacing wildlife who have nowhere to go.These fools will only learn when THEY are directly affected eg by their own houses flooding etc.Watch all this get worse as all the buildings go up.The sewers are not being maintained and of course there's no money.This is a vital public service!Really feel for everyone in harlow affected by last nights flooding.The country is falling apart and society is breaking down but maybe it has to so we finally learn and eventually start working in harmony with nature to rebuild a world for the benefit of everyone and everything on this planet.Thank God for all the good people pushing back worldwide.Everyone needs to wake up.

2024-05-22 07:03:07

Dan Swords and Co,sensible regeneration yes but PEOPLE and their needs come first in harlow.Keyword BALANCE.All you lot care about is your agenda and those who agree with you.Utterly selfish and downright dangerous.

Anxious about the weather
2024-05-22 07:09:29

Later Today I expect the will be pictures of the clean up operation with all the relative parties chipping in, How about prevention is better than cure and people like Robert Halfon, Harlow Council, HTS and anyone else how counts should push Essex County Council, who are paid to maintain our highways, to do their job and clear and repair the highway drains. Sakins Croft roadway was under 4 inches of water last night because the drains in Tysea Road from Commonside Rd downwards are all blocked and don't take water..Essex Highways know about this but choose not to do anything..I expect I will see them once I have water lapping through the ground floor and there is a chance to say "Hey look at us helping with the clean up"

Nick Gunning
2024-05-22 07:21:23

I wonder if historical records explain why little of the land in which the new town was built had ever had more than a few short streets and a couple of Manor houses built on it in the last 2000 years. Could it be that mediaevals, despite their limited science, knew where it was unsafe to build. Large areas of food plain, fairly poor clay soil for agriculture. And we see natural water courses built over, perhaps- subsidence is common here. Mark Hall, and the other large houses were built on the most tenable land, surrounded by very extensive 'grounds' and some farms. Perhaps, the negligence of the water companies is causing the area to revert to the 16th century maps. Anyhow, after nearly bankrupting themselves paying large dividends to their shareholders, these companies want to increase their bills by up to 91% get us to pay to put things right! Perhaps we could have regular 'underpinning' festivals each year.

Kim Oconnor
2024-05-22 07:50:12

Keep concreting over our lands, we will flood.

Guy Flegman
2024-05-22 08:49:31

I live in potter street area and have just walked my dogs and can confirm nearly every drain I passed was blocked with dirt preventing the water from draining and the few that were not blocked were obviously not able to cope with the extra water. We pay our council tax so why are we not getting the basic services we are paying for. It is not rocket science to know that blocked drains cause local flooding which in turn costs more to deal with than clearing the drains in the first place.

2024-05-22 10:04:23

Top end of Fold Croft is again flooded. The drains were cleared, after a round of calls, but the gutter debri was not. Guess where that will go when it rains. This again needs clearing as this is an access route to 2 schools.

2024-05-22 10:05:36

So your Insurance Premiums and going to jump up by £100's, but at least you'll have saved a bit on your Council Tax. The Tories have a plan!

Tony Edwards
2024-05-22 10:29:58

As roads and rains are a County Council responsibility can Your Harlow request Harlow's County Councillors to explain why drains hadn't been cleared or maintained properly.

Tony Edwards
2024-05-22 10:32:19

Typo that should read DRAINS

Ms B
2024-05-22 12:11:57

Renationalised all utilities. This is what happens when you sell them off. Oh, and let's not forget Royal Mail. Hells bells!

boon Donna
2024-05-22 13:32:02

Our street in stule crift was one of the flooded ones, they didnt come out. Said they would said an officer to look and advise but didnt turn up till 11pm. So We were bailing water away from Homes for 2.5hours using brooms and buskets, filling wheels bins to empty in to main street. One night had a water pump which we used to keep water out of our elderly neighbours house. Huge thanks to the neighbours that came out to help us. Even our sons friend drove round with buckets to help in our street... disappointed more of our neighbours didnt offer help but hey ho you live and learn xx

2024-05-23 13:40:28

Donna, you should remember not everyone is fit and healthy enough to be carting buckets about in rain, you had all doing a good job,

Gus The Mains Manhole Man
2024-05-23 15:03:22

Stop flushing toilets and don't empty sinks. Desalinate your shower water and store at room temperature. Harlow was built on London Clay. Water cannot penetrate this stuff. Runs off and follows a line of gravity and hey ho there's your flooding.

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