New dentists could be forced to work in NHS to tackle England’s ‘dental deserts’

Health / Thu 23rd May 2024 at 08:43am

DENTAL graduates in England could be forced to work in the NHS to help tackle the crisis in access that has left millions struggling to get their teeth repaired reports The Guardian.

Under the government’s plan they would have to undertake NHS work for “several years” after leaving university or face paying back some of the £200,000 cost of training them.

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4 Comments for New dentists could be forced to work in NHS to tackle England’s ‘dental deserts’:

2024-05-23 09:18:43

Forcing people to work for someone is called slavery.

2024-05-23 11:28:13

Dentists who rip off patients should be prosecuted. Family experience, experience1: told by dentist at a check up to make an appointment with hygienist for descale etc., family member had only the previous week had seen the hygienist. Example 2: Told by dentist specialist further root canal work (£800) was needed at another practice. Family member was at the time attending London Dental hospital for other treatment so asked them for a second opinion, the extra root canal work wasn't needed because it had already been done. And many more examples including teeth badly damaged by fillings that didn't need to be done etc . Total Rip off goes back to the days when dentists took out every tooth to sell dentures probably because it paid them more to do this. "Something is rotten in the state of" some parts of the uk dental services and it's not teeth

2024-05-23 22:39:14

#fact Labour caused the dentistry crisis with the change in contacts back in 2006, they also privatised parts of the NHS, Saddled the NHS with massive PFI debt, NHS Wales is labour run and has appalling stats, However bad the Tories are Labour is not the answer

Tony Wiseman
2024-05-24 15:21:37

I think Adam is wrong, in fact I would go further. I believe that all medics should be trained free of charge with the caveat that they must work for the people who paid for their training for 10 years, in other words for the NHS. If they choose to leave before that time then they would have to pay back a proportion of their training costs. So not slavery Adam, but a recognition of the fact that the tax payers of our country are paying the training costs for their career and therefore they should pay us back via service in the NHS. This would have the added benefit of attracting more people to the medical profession as they could be trained free of charge if they remained in the NHS for their whole career.

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