Sunak promises to bring back national service for 18-year-olds

News / Sun 26th May 2024 at 07:51am

RISHI Sunak has announced that a future Conservative government would bring back mandatory national service, as he attempted to reignite his election campaign after an error-strewn start reports The Guardian.

Under the plan, which appeared to be his latest attempt to reduce Tory losses by winning over voters drifting to Reform UK, the prime minister late Saturday said that every 18-year-old would have to spend time in a competitive, full-time military commission or spend one weekend a month volunteering in “civil resilience”.

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17 Comments for Sunak promises to bring back national service for 18-year-olds:

David Forman
2024-05-26 08:06:22

Only in January this year Sunak dismissed this idea after comments made by the Army's Chief of the General Staff indicated that the current army was too small to fight a major war. As the Guardian reported: "Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson said the prime minister did not agree with comments made by Gen Sir Patrick Sanders in a speech on Wednesday, and was forced to insist there would be no return to national service, which was abolished in 1960." See Guardian article at https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/jan/24/army-chief-says-people-of-uk-are-prewar-generation-who-must-be-ready-to-fight-russia

2024-05-26 08:20:29

At last , he has had a decent idea , the sooner the better. While your at it bring back capital punishment, ie long drop quick stop.

2024-05-26 08:36:07

Absolutely disgusting to force this on 18 year olds. There is a mental health crisis going on as it is, does this man really think that this is OK? 18 year olds can go out and get PAID Jobs.

2024-05-26 08:49:45

So how are we going to pay for this with our Public Service on their knees - Take the money from Pensions? - And the kids from radicalised neighbourhoods? Are we going to teach them to use guns and explosives? — Maybe a year or two of service to the state before you’re allowed to collect your state pension might be a better idea - That might be better at creating a “renewed sense of pride in our country” and knock out the sense of entitlement that some people develop and also help people go into their retirement fit and healthy.

2024-05-26 08:53:33

Appalling idea, this is akin to slavery the state has no claim on you or your time (for the record that includes taxation to which is theft). This will appeal to the boomer generation who avoided it themselves but think it will solve all the problems of the world. The youth these days have massive challenges thanks to boomers, high house prices, poor pensions in future, high taxes to cover the care of the boomers as they age, competing for jobs globally and of course uni debt. That is on top of the fact they were locked down for 2 years causing them untold damage. Of course those who might benefit from it will be the ones who did not do it anyway. Bonkers policy from a failed government

2024-05-26 09:11:52

It's like he really wants to lose the election. On a plus side, it may just get the young voters to actually go vote for a change!

2024-05-26 09:30:40

Trace - I have never seen anything like this election campaign its utterly crazy. Take for example in 100 plus constituencies there is no selected conservative candidate, including Harlow of course. Now policies like this, I am worried about what is coming down the line as it is obvious they do not want to win

2024-05-26 09:36:16

Trace - It is all about the Polling - You just have to look at the latest YouGov data - You need to be 70+ before you are more likely to vote Conservative than Labour - This policy will shore up that vote - But, more importantly, the Conservatives have been losing 50-70’s with low educational achievement to Reform - This type of thing will help them win back politically naive boomers - It works, they love this kind of thing - It’s got nostalgia and you can wrap it in a flag.

2024-05-26 10:25:59

David, Adam, thanks for the replies, but my comment wasn't really anything other than amusing, well, was to me! It is a stupid idea, I know how the cons work when appealing to the older voter, they've been doing it with racism and immigrants for years, getting people to blame everything on them, rather than their own policies and inept running of our country. I am enjoying watching the cons throw it all away, my fav so far is the two cllrs planted, pretending to be ordinary folk in the audience asking Rishi questions, that was just classic! Caught out as lairs and shows contempt for the voter. I will watch with amusement for more of this ilk...

gary roberts
2024-05-26 11:59:28

So when everything else fails the Conservatives invoke the return to National Service. Haven't the young adults already been ignored and shafted over years in this country? Indeed they can't even get their story correct. Cleverly tells Sky News it wont be compulsory while Sunak states it will be. Its a unfunny gimmick. This election will be even worse than thought with the standard of candidates allegedly even lower than even I believed. Labour and the Conservatives tell pensioners' the triple lock will stay while Labour will apparently consider increasing tuition fees for university students. It is disgraceful. At 65 my vote will go to the Green party who still have some integrity.

View from Afar
2024-05-26 14:01:19

From BBC Verify The Tories haven't set out how it will work. Instead, they say they will establish a public inquiry tasked with coming up with the details of how the scheme would function. Here's a summary of some of the finer points we do already know: The number of military placements under the scheme would be 30,000. At any given time, there are roughly three quarters of a million over-18s in the UK The number of volunteering days needed to complete national service requirements will be 25 over the course of a year The military placements will be "selective" and reserved for "brightest and best" They will cover logistics, cyber security, procurement and civil response operations While the Tories say a pilot for the scheme would be in place by 2025, the full programme could take four or five years after the election to enact

2024-05-26 15:44:39

Are we sure teaching the young how to kill etc is a good idea?

Riad Mannan
2024-05-26 16:27:29

What a half-baked idea from a Conservative party running out of ideas. They say the £2.5 bn cost will be paid for by diverting £1.5 bn from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (SFP) from 2028-2029 and £1 bn from cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion. Harlow was allocated £1 million from the SFP to use for crime prevention activities in the Town Centre and funds local Community Hubs helping vulnerable residents. This is all at risk now and the Conservative candidate for the general election has to explain which services will be cut in Harlow pay for this idea. Hang on, they don't have a candidate yet. We’ll wait.

Mark Gough
2024-05-26 23:49:05

This guy has lost the plot. First the smoking ban, and now this! Our Armed Forces need regular troops who are in it for the long term, and not those who will be trained at great expense for a year, then clear off back to civilian life, to be replaced by another lot that will need training. We have had Government after Government cutting back on Defence, laying people off while they were in war zones, and ridiculous re-organisations of historical regiments. When are going to wake up to the fact that the number one job of any Government is the defence of it's people in an ever more dangerous World! Mark Gough -Leader Harlow UKIP

James Gamble
2024-05-27 15:31:39

Panic policies by the Tories, what next? Firstly how will they enforce this, young adults will not accept this attack on their freedom. Second the cost will multiply if they try to enforce it by holding against their will. There is more chance of them building 12 new hospitals in the next two months, empty promises which are the norm for this Government.

2024-05-27 16:35:27

Gimmick policies by Sunak the Rat, little wonder they will be wiped out at the GE, Maybe voters can have a REAL conservative party to vote for in 5 years time

2024-05-28 11:06:26

If political promises are anything to go by it won't happen I've always said we're going backwards- it'll be war+rations next. Maybe bring back national service for the youths with a criminal record, the prisons won't be as full+with a bit of luck it might frighten the life out them+the country would be a better place. Oh well we can dream.

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