Harlow Rock Choir rock the park

Entertainment / Mon 27th May 2024 at 02:22pm

ON SUNDAY afternoon, we popped down to the Harlow Town Park to see who was on stage a part of the Rock The Park weekend.

We were delighted to see that it was the Harlow Rock Choir.

Here are three of their numbers they performed.

For more information, go to:

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14 Comments for Harlow Rock Choir rock the park:

Philip Hoy
2024-05-27 22:08:56

Great singing from tremendous choir. I really enjoyed the whole performance which was full of joy.

Colette Dark
2024-05-28 06:25:30

I was on stage with the choir and we had a great day. It was such a lovely audience, we love to see people dancing and singing along. We always welcome new members why not come and join us just google rockchoir.com

Shirley Hoy
2024-05-28 09:51:45

It was such a great gig and a lovely audience. If you enjoyed it why not come along for a FREE taster session. www.rockchoir.com it's a great way to meet lovely friends, learn something new, and feel great because you love singing.

Kelly R
2024-05-28 10:29:43

I was up on stage with the rock choir... it was a great atmosphere this year, and to have the public enjoying our music was wonderful....

Jackie M
2024-05-28 10:40:05

Such a great choir, I belong to Cheshunt branch and it’s such fun so good for mental health. Why not book a FREE Session and try it you won’t regret it

Diane Kerr
2024-05-28 10:54:25

Rock Choir is the best fun. Come along and join us, I promise you'll love it

Alison Young
2024-05-28 11:15:19

Me and my mum love it the Rick Choir a great opportunity to spend quality time together and the people are so lovely and welcoming . Sally is a fantastic teacher if you like singing you will love this

2024-05-28 11:27:09

I was with Harlow Rock Choir on Sunday and really enjoyed singing with such a lovely group of ladies. We were very well received. Our leader Sally is brilliant so feel free to come along to a Taster session to see for yourself.

Helen Walledge
2024-05-28 12:38:40

We had an absolutely brilliant time supporting all of the wonderful musicians who crossed the stage over the weekend! Thanks to a fabulous crowd for cheering us on too!

2024-05-28 13:03:27

A fantastic event. I have been in rock choir for 2 years and it is the highlight of my week. It is my me time. I have made many friends and we have a fantastic leader.

Joanne R
2024-05-28 13:10:54

I really enjoyed singing with the Rock Choir on Sunday. Well done to all the organisers and performers at Rock the Park, a fabulous event !

Emma N
2024-05-28 13:30:03

I was on stage on Sunday. Such a lovely group of people. Very friendly and welcoming and it's good for mental health too. Take advantage of a free taster by signing up online at rockchoir.com

Debbie V
2024-05-28 17:40:53

I was on stage with the Rock Choir on Sunday and had the best time singing with such a wonderful group of people! Lovely audience, great atmosphere, and it was very heartwarming to see people enjoying our performance by dancing and singing along with us. Sally is a fantastic choir leader, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. If you have a love for singing whilst having a fun time, and would also like to experience the amazing performance opportunities that we have coming up, then why not come and join us, you won’t be disappointed! Book online a free taster session at www.rockchoir.com

Susanne Morris
2024-05-28 19:58:00

So much fun performing at this event, do come along and give Rock Choir a try!

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