Essex Fire Crews ‘exhausted’ as service spends £350k on staff cover

News / Tue 28th May 2024 at 07:17am

ESSEX FIRE service spent £350,000 plugging staffing shortages thousands of times in a year, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request revealed reports the BBC.

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service (ECFRS) moved firefighters from their usual bases to elsewhere in the county on 2,570 occasions in 2023.

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4 Comments for Essex Fire Crews ‘exhausted’ as service spends £350k on staff cover:

2024-05-28 08:42:51

I have a massive high regard for firefighters but surely claiming that a journey from Waltham Abbey to Braintree is exhausting is an over statement and surely undermines their public case. For whatever reasons, the unions always seem to be at odds with the management. Fire engines appear to cost around £400,00 so getting good utilisation seems a reasonable objective, but then again, incurring extra costs doesn't seem efficient.

Stephen Harrison
2024-05-28 11:52:48

You’re looking at the wrong thing. You should be asking why are they spending that much money moving fire fighters from one station to another?? It because there are not enough fire fighters, whole time or on call. This is because of bad management and cuts to funding by the current conservative government.

2024-05-28 12:10:29

Cuts to our front line staff is disgraceful, these men and woman are indispensable, whatever the cost they're worth every penny, recruit them and look after them.

David Forman
2024-05-29 09:49:45

The key point in the BBC story is 'the service was "heavily reliant" on overtime to keep its crews operational. "This is unsustainable and dangerous," FBU national officer Mr la Torre added.

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