Man wanted after teenager robbed at knifepoint near Sainsbury’s

Crime / Wed 29th May 2024 at 04:38pm

ESSEX Police want to speak to this man in connection with a robbery in Harlow.

It was reported a 15 year-old boy was approached at the underpass between Sainsbury’s and Netteswell Tower at around 5.45pm on 8 May.

He was threatened with a knife and his phone and cash stolen.

If you have any information, CCTV, dash cam or other footage in relation to this incident, then please get in contact.

Please quote the crime reference number 42/72059/24

You can let us know by submitting a report on our website or by using our online Live Chat service available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am-9pm.

Visit www.essex.police.uk/digital101 to find out more about our website reporting services.

Alternatively you can call us on 101.

In an emergency always call 999.

If you would like to make an anonymous report you can contact independent charity @Crimestoppers, by visiting their website or by calling 0800 555 111.

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18 Comments for Man wanted after teenager robbed at knifepoint near Sainsbury’s:

2024-05-29 17:13:01

It's not a shock to hear anymore

2024-05-29 22:03:27

It's supposed to be a 10yr mandatory sentence for carrying a knife, no doubt a slap on the wrist if they catch him.

Bertie Wooster
2024-05-30 01:45:18

Well I think it's down to the crime slime brine all the time. A personal hairy leg placed strategically on my neck helps me slamm damn thank you ma'am buy some spam ham damn slam on the ground beef. Leonard helps alot with Julian Bosco in Costco buying Coco as a little drink before bed with king creole and the coconuts with Tonie Livie's displaced Plymouth spine.

J Dog
2024-05-30 04:14:44

Nothing surprises me at all in this town anymore. It's become a right sespit of humanity.

2024-05-30 04:15:11

Nothing surprises me at all in this town anymore. It's become a right sespit of humanity.

2024-05-30 06:00:03

Bertie Wooster. Get a life . This is a serious offence. Would you have been so jovial if it was you robbed.

2024-05-30 06:32:43

You always get people on here say 'this town' or nothing 'surprises me in this town' They need to get out a bit more, it happenes EVERYWHERE throughout the WHOLE COUNTRY. From the smallest village to the biggest city so get a life!

2024-05-30 07:12:42

Shocking. I hope the victim is okay.

2024-05-30 08:52:34

Apples never fall far from the tree

Guy Flegmen
2024-05-30 10:53:18

Our jails are full and criminals have no fear of the police and everyone knows this. Ask yourself why have our politicians allowed this to happen?

Harlow lifer
2024-05-30 16:23:49

Labour will sort this mess out when they get in.

2024-05-30 17:53:10

Harlow Lifer. Just like Kier Starmer did when he was Director of Public prosecutions . Let's crimals off only for them to commit crime again , including murder. Do me a favour.

2024-05-30 17:55:32

Ron , I would get out but might get robbed at knife point , and as far as getting a life , I have got one and want to keep it.

2024-05-30 18:41:31

Recently on my estate there were several criminal incidents in one evening and everyone was all over social media about it. We know the police are useless. I suggested getting together to at least talk about the situation (not some neighborhood watch grass your neighbours for having a party) . Not a single person got back to me. I know it shouldn't be up to us but if nobody wants to be part of a community I don't know what to say. Very disappointing.

2024-05-30 23:39:18

I hope they catch the horrible little crap heap. Share the hell out of this picture

2024-05-31 12:40:12

Actually, I would now say that nothing surprises me about this town. It does happen everywhere but it's our town and most of you sit back and would say nothing or walk past if you see anything go on as you would all probably soil yourselves.

2024-05-31 12:44:46

Ron, I assume that your comment is directed at me. Well I have a life and a great life. In about 6 months it will be eventually better when I move out of this absolute dump. It's not the place it's the people in it. The dregs, those with double standards, druggies and the weak minded influenced by the stupid

Transparent Magazine Rack
2024-06-02 11:59:56

I hope they catch this little thug

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