£8,000 available to Essex homeowners in flood risk zones

News / Mon 3rd Jun 2024 at 09:25am

AT-risk residents can bolster their homes with up to £8,000 in flood protection measures offered by Essex County Council.

The Property Flood Resilience Grant (PFR) is being delivered by Lakeside Flood Solutions for Essex homeowners who have or may experience flood water entering their homes.

Eligible residents could improve their flood defences with self-closing air bricks, reinforced flood doors, non-return valves, pumps and flood barriers.

The measures are designed to help prevent water entering homes and mitigate damage in the event of a flood.​

The grant comes as UK Climate Projections anticipates average winter rainfall to increase by 35% by 2070, with rainfall intensity projected to increase by 25%.

Lakeside Flood Solutions has completed installations in 196 properties across Essex since 2018. This includes an end-to-end service with flood risk surveys, product selection, design, installation and demonstration training.

Essex homeowners can check their property’s flood risk online to see if they are able to apply for the PFR. This may include residents living in critical drainage areas.

Homeowners will be asked to contribute to their flood protection measures if they exceed the £8,000 afforded by the grant.

Sam Kennedy, Director for Environment & Climate Action at Essex County Council, said: “Essex has a long history of fighting floods from the sea and rivers, and heavy rain that can overwhelm drainage systems is becoming more frequent.

“This year, East Anglia saw its wettest February since 1836, while England as a whole saw its eighth wettest winter since records began.

“Extreme weather is unfortunately becoming more common, with risks of flooding projected by our Essex Climate Action Commission to double across the county. I therefore strongly encourage residents to check their eligibility for the Property Flood Resilience Grant and secure their homes for the future.”

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2 Comments for £8,000 available to Essex homeowners in flood risk zones:

What do I pay Essex County Council for.?
2024-06-03 19:01:14

For the money surely the best flood protection Essex County Council could offer is to clean, repair the drains and clear drainage ditches. This would help to alleviate the chances of flooding .

Checkout the CDA Map
2024-06-04 18:49:29

Looking at the information and maps available via the Essex County Council website about 75/80% of the homes in Harlow are in a Critical Drainage Area (CDA) and may be in danger of flooding. That's a lot of grant money

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