General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis on the campaign trail

Elections / Sat 8th Jun 2024 at 10:07am

WITH just under four weeks to go before the General Election, we will be doing our second round of interviews with the candidates.

Conservative candidate, Hannah Ellis has just competed her first week of campaigning.

It look like it is a steep learn curve for Hannah but one she seems to be treating with relish.

We met her in Aynsley Gardens, Church Langley to assess how the campaign was going.

Full details of all candidates can be found on our politics page.

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12 Comments for General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis on the campaign trail:

Alex K
2024-06-08 10:47:18

Why didn’t Robert Halfon nominate Hannah Ellis on the nomination papers? Ashamed? Unhappy with his successor?

2024-06-08 23:42:30

They came around to my street today, saw them opposite my house, Ellis, Swords and Johnson. I hid, not much they can say to appeal to me and nothing new or refreshing has been said, even tho the Tories are an absolute joke right now! Sad to hear a young lady here too promoting the absolutely useless and waste of our money Rwanda scheme. Billions to send, what, up to 200 people there? That won't deter people smugglers, not in the slightest. Not to mention the fact the country is classed as unsafe no matter how much the tories wish to rule it different. The UK has granted Rwanda refugees asylum in the UK because of well founded fears of persecution in Rwanda!

2024-06-09 07:37:54

Trace. You bottler , your quite happy to slag the Tories off on Your Harlow. But won't tell them to their faces. Your an absolute coward.

2024-06-09 07:43:09

Trace . If the migrant /Rwanda situation bothers you so much, I suggest you have some live with you , feed them , and give them your money to see them through the week. But I bet your find a good reason not to . But your quite happy for the government to.

2024-06-09 07:56:58

Rwanda can't be that bad Trace, Arsenal have visit Rwanda plastered all over their shirts.

Stephen Archer
2024-06-09 10:21:58

Seems like a nice young lady. Are you sure she's a Conservative? She wasn't wearing a Conservative rosette.

2024-06-09 10:42:31

Lol, laughing over the comments! They are textbook attack, rather than address the point I made. I'll complain about any party who is trying to get us out of the ECHR, something that protects us all from corrupt governments, destroys the NHS and sends people at a huge huge cost to a country that is deemed unsafe. The same country we take refugees from because it's unsafe! You literally couldn't make it up how bad this government has been. For all those complaining about immigrants because you believe all the hype, why is it then in 14 years this gov have done very little? Immigration through normal channels is controlled.. that's always been something the UK controls so stop all that silly thinking that this is anyone's problem other than our governments decisions, whatever party.. But the boats? Sending a max of 200 immigrants that has literally costs us hundreds of millions of pounds is ill thought out waste of our money and will do absolutely nothing to deter the boats. Why would it? Thousands make that crossing every year, thousands - so statistically it's worth a risk not to be one of those 200. Why didn't they spend the money instead on working with the French, the police to stop people smugglers and also to put it in the Home office to process those claims much faster than they are doing? Nobody thinks about this, they just believe the hype from gov and our right-wing press.

2024-06-09 10:45:49

Laughing at the text book comments going on the attack, rather than address the points I have made. Just ask yourself, why hasn't this gov, in 14 years, done anything to stop the boats and control other immigration? The scheme is a waste of our hundreds of millions of pounds, 200 people max are who can be sent, but numbers on boats is in their thousands. The lottery is worth it for these people to not be one of the 200! It is ill thought out and they'd be much better instead to use it in the home office to process the claims quicker and work with police and France to stop the smugglers.

2024-06-09 10:47:38

Woody, I have nothing to say to these people, bottler, lol, just have much better things to do! Nothing is going to change this tory way of being, not until they are voted out of government and they get rid of the dead wood and get some talent in.

Alan Salsbury
2024-06-09 10:48:27

Hannah Ellis is the daughter of a Harlow schoolteacher. She has been working in Robert Halfon's office for the last 5 years. She lives in Harlow and is dedicated to fighting for Harlow's interests. Leaving politics aside, you should vote for the candidate not the party. Robert Halfon has been championing Harlow throughout his tenure and Hannah will carry that on, given the chance.

Me, Harlow
2024-06-09 12:09:12

Vote the candidate, not the party? No matter how nice a person may be, that's not the way to vote.

2024-06-10 11:45:59

Just wait till you read more about the nutter whom UKIP has insulted Harlow with! :D :D :D

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