Outrage over estimated £20,000 worth of damage to trees in Harlow

Crime / Sun 9th Jun 2024 at 12:19pm

THERE has been outrage over an estimated £20,000 worth of damage to trees in Harlow

The trees are situated either side of Abercrombie Way (near Kingsland) on the west side of the town.

A fence that borders the ECL building has also been pulled down.

This is not just an act of mindless damage but also one that took a lot of sustained effort to rip the trees apart.

Over twenty trees have been affected.

We spoke to the portfolio holder for environment, Cllr Nicky Purse who was joined by the Conservative candidate (and local councillor) Hannah Ellis at the scene.

Our film’s cutaway shots show the full extent of the damage

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32 Comments for Outrage over estimated £20,000 worth of damage to trees in Harlow:

2024-06-09 12:31:07

This is so sad. Why would someone do this?

View from Afar
2024-06-09 14:18:16

This is sad but aren’t the Council removing trees from the Town Centre to the station roundabout, not damage but these trees have been there many years.

2024-06-09 14:24:03

I’ve seen young groups doing this between Gilden Park and Old Harlow. Snapping trees, kicking fences down, and ripping apart stone barriers to throw the rocks at animals in the pond. The issue is, you report it to the police and nothing gets done. You say something to groups and they just laugh. The severe lack of investment in things for young people to do will only lead to further incidents such as this.

2024-06-09 15:00:46

good we have too many tress and should be knocking them down to build flats for harlow ppl. i dont work and i need a flat not more tress

2024-06-09 15:10:32


2024-06-09 15:23:43


David Forman
2024-06-09 15:32:31

As a nation we are not taking enough care of our mature trees, but we also have vandalism to contend with. The council has tried hard to improve the environment and planted extra trees, but some morons see this as a target for their pent up anger. Maybe the Tories National Service might help channel their aggression into something more positive?

2024-06-09 15:33:34

Gemma, I hope that you’re comment isn’t your idea of a joke, if it is this is one person who doesn’t think it’s funny😡

2024-06-09 16:34:55

Mindless feral scum. Hopefully one day soon they will come to an unfortunate end. The wire fences around the trees need to be at least 10 feet high to stop this scum. I hope Gemma is not serious but wouldn't surprise me, no job bur wants a flat. Bad enough Essex Council chopping down trees around the town centre for bus lanes and now this.

2024-06-09 16:50:51

Gemma you don't deserve anything let alone a flat. I'd rather give a tree life than you.

2024-06-09 16:58:26

Another act of destruction from the idiot children of idiot parents. Let them and their parents share a cell together, the parents of the mindless idiots should be held responsible for the actions of their idiot offspring.

Owen Lawless
2024-06-09 17:08:32

Gemma..... Harlow is famous for it's Trees...go down to the town park and walk around open your eyes read the plaques on the trees from all around the world this was built as a garden town not a not a concrete jungle plenty of other towns with tower blocks 👋

2024-06-09 17:35:15

David, just to point out: the mature trees can handle themselves against youths it was saplings trees and fenches and bollards. The youths are bored not angry. As for the Tories (another gimic) national service which every serving MP has not had to do, there the ones that have shut ALL youth center/clubs etc unless they can make money out off it and you have to suffer the consequences don't panic they will blame labour again and again and again.........

2024-06-09 17:49:07

Gemma - You are absolutely right - Trees should be in parks and forests and houses should be in housing estates - Start mixing the two and there lies anarchy - And you need a house not a flat - Think of all the children you can have - We need more harlow ppl like you!

2024-06-09 18:04:52

I will tell you why! because of one brain cell morons. And going by a Gemma's comment she is one of them. No point telling Police, the only way is your own justice

2024-06-09 18:07:39

I will tell you why! because of one brain cell morons. And going by a Gemma's comment she is one of them. No point telling Police, the only way is your own justice.

2024-06-09 19:19:03

I put up a comment and said this was done by sc*m and gets taken down, is this website run like Russia? Say something the editor doesn't like and that's it. Should I expect a knock on the door?

2024-06-09 19:54:31

Gemma. Harlow does not need people like you in this town. I will.pay your train fare out of it.

2024-06-09 19:58:19

Gemma. I feel sorry for your situation. Not that you haven't got a job or a flat, but that you can't spell trees.

2024-06-09 22:23:26

thanks david x dont need more already got 4 (that live with me) dont need no more lol

2024-06-10 01:25:16

I hope the morons that did this are eventually billed for the full amount of damages, not just £xxx fine and some 'community service'. Repayment of the damages should be a lifelong liability - deductions from salary or benefits as appropriate - and a constant reminder of their stupidity.

2024-06-10 09:07:00

Trees are the lungs of the earth. What is the mindset of individuals who act in this way? More time on their hands than sense. Kill off nature and there will be more to worry about than bricks and mortar.

2024-06-10 09:29:33

Cupid stunts the lot of 'em.

2024-06-10 10:04:26

josh whats ur problem i didnt break them i just think they are pointless wen they spended ur taxis on 20000 pound tress buy me a flat instaed

2024-06-10 10:44:32

Gemma. Get yourself a job and condoms , we don't want to pay for all your kids, and learn to spell.

2024-06-10 10:46:38

Also Gemma. I think you will find David was being sarcastic.

2024-06-10 11:08:02

Eddie, love it 😀

2024-06-10 11:34:33

Absolutely disgusting behaviour and obviously intentional and those responsible should be held to account.Would local government ministers also like to address the issue of all our green spaces being turned into mudbaths because some residents think its ok to park their cars on them.Adjacent footpaths and fences designed to stop this also get trashed in the process but nobody seems to be prosecuting this criminal damage.

A Tigerman
2024-06-10 11:44:42

I love the way that every time Gemma opens her mouth, she proves just how thick she is. Keep it up!! Harlow's Finest!

2024-06-10 12:43:26

I thought Gemma was being satirical. I'm now concerned she's being deadly serious! With respect to the actual story - it's appalling and gutting to see people damaging the natural world like this. Same as Sunday when I confronted some kids throwing rocks at the crows and rooks at the Water Gardens - they just swore and ran off. We're breeding a bunch of psychopaths that enjoy ripping up trees and hurting wild animals - it's heartbreaking.

Me, Harlow
2024-06-10 23:51:31

Over 20k for 20 odd trees? As horrible and as pointless as this damage is, why is the council spending nearly a thousand pounds to put in each tree?

Peter Wilson
2024-06-13 04:32:04

Gemma is an obvious troll... just ignore it and move on.

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