Community police officer addresses Potter Street residents concerns

Crime / Sat 15th Jun 2024 at 01:01pm

EARLIER this month, dedicated community constable Emily Cross spoke to the Potter Street Residents Forum.

One of the issues covered was speeding in the neighbourhood.

Officers from the Special Constabulary were able to immediately deploy and conduct speed checks in the area that was highlighted.

Seven cars in total were stopped, with two given tickets for excess speed. The eighth car caused officers to suspect he might be drink driving. He refused to provide a specimen of breath for analysis and was arrested. He has now been charged with that same offence.

PC Cross said: ‘We are thankful for the support of the Special Constabulary for conducting the speed checks, in a short amount of time they gave out two tickets and made an arrest.

“We thank the community for their information, and we will continue to conduct speed checks in and around Harlow.’

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7 Comments for Community police officer addresses Potter Street residents concerns:

Peter Henegan
2024-06-15 15:01:11

It has always been a puzzle that the road called Potter Street has a 20mph but the side roads like Red Lion revert back to 30mph. Perhaps an ECC councillor can explain why.

2024-06-15 17:19:40

As the Chairman of the residents association I would like to thank the police for their prompt action.

2024-06-15 18:25:45

It's a shame that the police didn't also do speed checks on other areas of harlow like tumbler Rd, that's a race track every day!

2024-06-15 19:40:33

First of all thank you to PC Cross and the officers that carried out the check. They responded immediately to a request during the Potter St residents meeting. The officers went straight out and ran the speed check for 20 minutes which took place at 8pm in the evening. Not even a busy time of day and yet a worryingly high proportion of vehicles were speeding because I'm not going to lie I watched with glee at the cars getting stopped. Come down between 4 and 6pm on any weekday and you'd need most of the active shift to manage the number of vehicles being stopped on this stretch of road! Parsloe Road has 3 - YES 3 - radar activated speed signs on less than 200 metres of road, this stretch has nothing and is a major rat run for those dodging the A414 queues. Time for some actual action please!

2024-06-16 07:04:00

I really do sympathise with the people who are forced to endure speeding traffic and lack of consideration by the majority of motorists who use Hobbs Cross Road. Not only do we endure these road hogs and fast traffic through the village, we also have to contend with the inconsiderate parents who are shuttling back and forward with their children to the two schools here. I cannot remember when we last had a police patrol or speed monitoring team to try and alleviate the problems here. The last traffic census here, about forty years ago showed that the majority of motorists who travel through here, 75% exceeded the speed limits by dangerous margins.

Anthony W
2024-06-16 07:37:05

Commonside road has the same problem, even though funds to implement further speed restrictions along this road were secured over 2 years ago. Yet nothing has been done and speeding every day along here continues. Two schools in close proximity of each other and used as a major rat run to avoid Southern Way. We need these rat runs closed of and the major roads in the town expanded to handle the traffic that exists.

2024-06-16 11:43:29

Speeding happens on many streets, even short cul de sacs and on rat runs, the solution isn't a random deployment of speed cameras but by addressing the fundamental causes. The main causes are the random ill considered inconsistent transport traffic and roads policies applied to the town. Congestion creates rat runs. Bad road design results in speeding. Poor bus, walking and cycling networks and the imposition of a carcentric transport environment on a town specifically designed for walking, cycling and public transport to get around causes people to use their car for even the shortest of journeys. Change the environment and it'll change behaviours.

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