General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis: “Fighting for every resident and fighting for every vote”

Elections / Sun 16th Jun 2024 at 10:35am

WITH just under three weeks to go before the General Election, all the candidates continue to campaigning across Harlow and the villages.

On Saturday morning, we caught up with the Conservative candidate, Hannah Ellis.

On Friday night, she had been out in Great Parndon and surrounding areas. On Saturday morning, it was breakfast at the Sandwich Bar in the town centre before Hannah and her team, headed down First Avenue.

As she had been visiting a number of businesses last week, one of our questions was on what support she could provide for local businesses.

All our news items on the General Election can be found below.

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11 Comments for General Election 24: Conservative candidate Hannah Ellis: “Fighting for every resident and fighting for every vote”:

gary roberts
2024-06-16 10:54:11

Did the editor forget to mention the schools that were/are falling down? The PAH that is doing the same? I remember Mr Halfon in 2010 telling me that the NHS was his first priority and a hospital top of his list. Now we will not be getting one in Harlow. Did Ms Ellis forget to mention that as well?

2024-06-16 11:31:44

Hannah, you seem a pleasant young lady but, of course, you are not currently that person, you are a tory candidate so open to whatever criticism comes with that. Have you watched your interview, where is the dynamism, on May2nd you were a local conservative promising, en bloc, reconstruction, redevelopment and Marks and Spencer. Where has that all gone? You mentioned terminus street, what is your policy on bus management? What is the situation on Burnt Mill flats and all the other stuff, Get Dan on board, start making noise, show us that you DO care about local issues, ignore Sunak and co, they are finished. Show us that even if you don't win (I will not be voting for you this time because of 14 years of nonsense) you are here for the future.

David Forman
2024-06-16 23:28:24

The House of Commons Library report published last December records a 6 percent increase in teacher numbers in the period November 2010 to 2022, but unfortunately not keeping pace with growing pupil numbers. This means the pupil to teacher ratio across all state-funded schools (including special schools) has increased from 17.1 in November 2010 to 18.0 in 2022. This is a reduction from a peak of 18.2 recorded in November 2019. See page 7 of https://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/CBP-7222/CBP-7222.pdf

David Forman
2024-06-16 23:40:20

The public sector union Unison published in April the results of a survey of almost 6000 Teaching Assistants which showed alarming levels of coverage for qualified teachers. It revealed found two in five (39%) were covering classes for regular teachers for at least five hours a week – roughly the equivalent of one school day a week or half a term’s cover over a school year – while 15% said they were expected to teach entire classes for at least 11 hours a week. The research shows that the crisis is getting worse. Almost half (45%) of TAs who participated in the survey said they were teaching more classes than they did last year, while more than two-thirds (68%) said that it was having a negative impact on the quality of learning in their school. See Guardian report on this survey https://www.theguardian.com/education/2024/apr/26/teaching-assistants-deployed-to-routinely-cover-lessons-in-england-and-wales

Teacher's Spouse
2024-06-17 09:49:32

Retention of teachers is a real issue. Too much Ofsted-focused paperwork for one thing. Any teachers reading this could say more.

2024-06-17 10:20:47

Ms Ellis has been set-up to fail, she will take the fall for her party as no serious, local senior candidate was willing to stand.

David Forman
2024-06-17 10:34:02

At 2mins 35secs Hannah says that in Harlow since 2010 Good or Outstanding schools have almost doubled. National Ofsted figures show in 2009/10 the figure was 68% and in November 2023 the figure was 89%. By my calculation that is a 31% or just less than one-third improvement. See paragraph 59 on page 36 of Ofsted report 2009/10 at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/her-majestys-chief-inspector-of-education-childrens-services-and-skills-annual-report-2009-to-2010

gary roberts
2024-06-17 12:14:16

There are lies, damned lies and statistics. On the front line and empirically the issue is overwhelmingly bad with teachers' leaving the profession every day. Under qualified teaching and employment agencies forward highly qualified and mediocre CV to schools and because the pay and conditions are so poor the candidates just walk away. Will it change soon? No.

2024-06-18 10:01:59

Increasing numbers of good and outstanding schools is another example of Conservatives using statistics to hide the truth. Ofsted used to grade schools at five levels, outstanding, good, satisfactory, requires improvement and special measures. Lets say, for the sake of argument there were equal numbers of each category, that would mean 20% outstanding and 20% good. The Conservatives reduced the numbers of Ofsted categories to four. outstanding, good, requires improvement and special measures. Again lets say, for the sake of argument, that there were equal numbers in each category. That would mean 25% of school were outstanding and 25% good. The result looks like schools have improved as the Conservatives claim, but the truth is simply there are fewer categories in which to rank schools.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-18 10:22:39

teacher - just on the issue of Ofsted categories, the Liberal Democrats have said they will reform the inspections, and end single-word judgements so that parents get a clear picture of the true strengths and weaknesses of a school. As importantly, we will also give greater support and guidance to schools to help improve where needed. We will also reform the School Teachers Review Body to make it properly independent of government and they would be able to recommend fair pay rises for teachers. Last thing I would note is that we will create a proper teacher workforce strategy to ensure that secondary school pupils are taught by a specialist teacher in their subject and have high-quality professional development for all teachers.

James Gamble
2024-06-19 10:22:52

David Forman, In Harlow we have closed three comprehensive schools over the years. We announced the closure of Brays Grove but then decided to close Passmores instead, then we built a new school on the same site as Passmores only to see it having to be pulled down. We have increased the size of Harlow with all the new builds and tower blocks with no thought to infrastructure. First Church Langley then Newhall followed by Gilden Way and Tower blocks. We need a coordinated plan for Harlow not this mish mash of ideas.

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