Petrol prices higher than they should be, says RAC

News / Mon 17th Jun 2024 at 12:41pm

BRITISH drivers are facing petrol and diesel prices that are “far higher than they should be”, according to the RAC reports the BBC.

The motoring group said fuel retailers were using the “distraction” of the general election to keep profit margins “persistently high”.

It called on the UK’s competition body to bring retailers “into line as soon as it’s able to”.
However, a body representing fuel retailers said businesses were facing higher costs and also having to invest in new technology for electric vehicles.

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12 Comments for Petrol prices higher than they should be, says RAC:

A motorist
2024-06-17 13:08:34

Petrol buyers should not be subsidising services for electric cars. This is wrong.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-17 15:58:59

Now we are not in the EU we should be pricing petrol in gallons not litres. There are approx 5 litres to the gallon. If the price is in gallons then the price difference per gallon is 5 times that of litres. For example petrol on the motor way is £1.50 a gallon more( approx). If you price in gallons then human nature does the rest and people will avoid the garages charging a lot more per gallon which will then bring the price down to just a few pence per gallon difference. Simples!( of course this will not happen as the authorities do not care)

Nicholas Taylor
2024-06-17 17:57:34

It has always bugged me that about the only thing you can buy in a point of a penny is fuel. This should be stopped.

2024-06-17 19:31:51

Surely it's not just petrol? Everything is higher than it should be.

2024-06-17 20:33:10

Or Guy, given that since the Brexit vote in 2016, the exchange rate of the pound against other leading currencies has fallen significantly. If we rejoined, our currency would be worth more and prices would drop by 15-20%. That’s more than 25p a litre or £1 2s 5d a gallon Guy! Simples!

2024-06-18 08:14:32

Had it not been for Rob Halfron and his constant pushing at the treasury on the Fuel Duty Escalation we would all be paying a lot more for petrol!

2024-06-18 08:19:58

The government take the lions share of the price of fuel with duties and even VAT applied on top of the duties. A serious government would end net zero, exploit the north sea and fracking etc and have the price of fuel and get the UK moving again. We are not communist we do not want to cycle about or go on busses or trains (unless returning from the pub obviously that is the only acceptable time anyone over 25 should be on public transport).

2024-06-18 08:33:25

Adam, in which way has the UK stopped moving?

Guy flegman
2024-06-18 09:04:34

David. The pound to euro is actually the same now roughly as 2008( 1.14-1.24) which has been the range for many years regardless of brexit. You can check this yourself on Google. In fact my business trades with Europe and things are much easier since brexit. The only minor drawback is we have an extra form when sending persons to Europe, wich is no different than when we send people to other international destinations

2024-06-18 10:50:15

Guy, the pound is down 20% against the Euro since the Brexit referendum. Although yes we are at 2008 levels we recovered after that and then proceeded to vomit it all down the drain. Our currency is much weaker and is in a significant down trend for years now. The downtrend since 2016 is a direct correlation of the Brexit vote.

2024-06-18 12:04:57

Pedro, had fuel duty not been reduced income tax might have been lower giving us less congestion, less pollution and more money to keep and choose how to spend

2024-06-18 18:56:43

Pete the word you use like all politicians is "Might"

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