General Election 24: Lib Dem’s Riad continues to campaign across the town

Elections / Tue 18th Jun 2024 at 06:39am

THE LIBERAL Democrat candidate for Harlow, Riad Mannan has been busy campaigning across all platforms in the run up to the General Election to be held on July 4th, 2024.

He has really relished the opportunities to discuss his parties policies.

We caught up with him on Broad Walk on Sunday afternoon.

Click below for details of all candidates and all stories related too the General Election.


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17 Comments for General Election 24: Lib Dem’s Riad continues to campaign across the town:

James Gamble
2024-06-18 10:21:45

You need to tell your leader this is not a Butlins break, it is a General Election. Stop with the stupid games and start campaigning your policies.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-18 10:31:09

Hi James - thanks for your comment. I would ask that you look beyond the stunts. We have said that there is a policy / proposal / message behind every stunt - thats the whole point. When you announce a policy about free school meals for children, do you do it in dreary, bog-standard press conference or do you go to a school and bake with kids, highlighting the actual issue? We take the policies very seriously, but politicians do not need to take themselves too seriously all the time. Otherwise they become out of touch and out of sight. I am happy to discuss policies - if you are free and coming to the Hustings tomorrow night in Harlow, lets have a chat there? In the meantime, if you wish to know our manifesto - here it is: https://www.libdems.org.uk/manifesto

James Gamble
2024-06-18 11:45:47

So we need our 4 year old children to translate your policies. You are laying 4th in the polls. Games are not Improving that.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-18 11:51:06

Hi James, thank you for your comment. Its really important that you look at the policies. Which policy area are you disagreeing with? - and then we can have a conversation about that.

2024-06-18 18:53:42

Labour will ban 16 and under from buying energy drinks, under 18s can't buy alcohol yet your manifesto states that you will give 16 year olds the vote, are they responsible and capable I very much doubt it

Riad Mannan
2024-06-18 19:59:37

Hi Pedro, its a fair question. I would say that encouraging young people to vote in elections is no bad thing. Research shows that if young people vote they are more likely to vote later on in life and also be more interested and engaged in politics, which is a good thing. The idea certainly isn't new. 16 and 17 year olds in Scotland and Wales can vote in Scottish and Welsh Parliaments, as well as in local elections. It is only in England and Northern Ireland that that is not the case. Also, remember that at 16, a young person can drive cars, pay taxes, and work full-time (i.e. for the first time without any restriction on hours). So yes, I do think they are responsible and capable. Also, not to put a finer point on it, people above 18 has been allowed to vote for ages and look where that has got us - in terms of low turn out, voter apathy and disengagement in civil society!

2024-06-18 20:03:17

Riad. I always thought it was 17 years old before you could drive , have I missed something. Also Pedro 16 year olds can fight and die for their country.

Riad Mannan
2024-06-18 20:15:12

Hi Eddie, It's possible to apply for a provisional licence aged 15 years and nine months old. It is correct that you cannot drive cars till 17 (I shouldn't have said cars, so I stand corrected), but at 16, you can legally learn to drive a moped in the UK. If you have a disability, you can apply to learn to drive at 16 as part of your Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

James Gamble
2024-06-18 21:32:03

To be honest 16 year old can get married, have children so they should be allowed to have a say in how they are governed.

2024-06-19 05:53:28

James. 16 year olds that have children only goes to show that they do not think about the consequences of their actions, and most of them will then depend on their parents . They are not independent in their own right , so should not have the ability to vote. They will not be able to earn enough to support themselves . And will also be wanting handouts from the tax payer.

2024-06-19 06:00:40

I think a large percentage of 16 year olds , would not bother about politics, they would be too busy breaking down trees and carrying knives. But honestly any of you posting on this subject , was you bothered about politics when you was 16 , I know I wasn't.

2024-06-19 06:59:02

Assum James Gamble didn’t like the clow Boris Johnson?

James Gamble
2024-06-19 09:51:22

Woody they are capable of having children so nature does not agree with you. 16 year olds probably know more than their parents and grand parents. Simone you are correct I do not like BoJo the clown, he is a proven liar, a racist and has no respect for women. He partied through Covid which clearly shows he is an elitist and thinks he is above the law and all of us.

2024-06-19 12:45:02

Turkey, I guess I'm different because I was interested in politics since I was about 10 haha. But I don't understand how you can say they are responsible enough to work, drive certain vehicles etc and should vote but not old enough and responsible enough to buy an energy drink. Makes no sense.

Tony Wiseman
2024-06-19 16:18:30

Whether you agree with Riads' politics or not you have to applaud the fact that he answers questions posed to him via YH. I don't remember Chris Vince doing that!

2024-06-19 17:11:15

Mason Please read the posts again . I never said anything about them being responsible . That was others.

David Forman
2024-06-19 21:49:31

Riad performed very well in tonight's (Wednesday) hustings. He came across as informed, genuine and sincere.

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