Police execute dawn raid in Sumners and net over a hundred cannabis plants

Crime / Mon 24th Jun 2024 at 02:33pm

MORE than 100 cannabis plants have been seized and will be destroyed as part of a planned operation in Harlow this morning, Monday 24 June.

Acting on intelligence, officers executed a warrant in Mallows Green at 6am.

Once inside, they found a sophisticated set up with a significant number of mature plants as well as abstraction of electricity.

UK Power Networks colleagues were alerted and attended to make the property safe.

At this stage, no arrests have been made and we’re now following a number of target enquiries.

Chief Inspector Paul Austin, Harlow district commander, said: “Illicit drugs of any kind are inextricably linked to serious violence and, often, organised crime.

“Profits from the sale of cannabis drive organised crime and also feed into the supply of other illicit Class A drugs.”

Ch Insp Austin added: “This warrant was led by officers from our community policing team; these officers know their area and they know the concerns which our residents have. It is through these relationships that we often gain intelligence – and it is those community reports which help us to effectively tackle crime in our area.”

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9 Comments for Police execute dawn raid in Sumners and net over a hundred cannabis plants:

james nicholson
2024-06-24 18:06:57

While thats a lotta bush the cops really make weed out to be far worse than it is, it has been proven to aid with cancer, chronic pain and many other illnesses, maybe if the government legalised and regulated the stuff, and taxed it we could get the UK economy kick started, hell, we export plenty

Godfrey the great
2024-06-24 20:23:51

As much as weed is gang related no one's earning much profit from it .it's just a easy nick cause it's energy consuming and easier to spot then more serious drugs. Organised crime isn't run off a few quid from weed it's run from the hundreds of thousands in Charlie and other hard drugs .. never seen a stoned person ever commit a serious crime for obvious reason lol pick on the coke heads they are more violent then any stoner IV ever met

Crazyhorse 74
2024-06-24 21:13:01

Peace man

2024-06-24 21:21:01

Godfrey, the cannabis market in the UK is worth over 2bn a year. I think there's plenty of people making a profit! Drug gangs in the UK use county lines, it's not a kind industry in the slightest tho I agree, never seen a stoner pick a fight, more likely to sit there and put the world to rights!

2024-06-25 01:31:01

No jail too much cost involved, just 20 hard lashes.hate the smell of that crap around the streets of Harlow.

2024-06-25 17:56:52

Cannabis is probably fine in small doses , but it's never small doses. It ends up not being enough which then leads to harder drugs and crime. So it should stay illegal. .

2024-06-25 19:00:18

Well I guess that will push the prices up

Paul leg
2024-06-26 10:32:43

James Nicholson, it seems you don't understand the difference between black market and legal. The issue isn't that weed is inherently good or bad for you, but it is that in this kind of situation it is unregulated with people having no idea what has been done to it, what's been added and so on. There are no safeguards in this aspect. Germany has the right idea, legalising and allowing home growth of one plant. Legalising mairjuana would be a good way so long as its overseen and monitored by a third party authority on the safety and quality aspects.

Anonymous AI
2024-06-30 03:23:28

I've been referred for medical cannabis, they should legalise it, tax it and put designated coffee shops around, how many people end up fighting after a roll up? but then go out for a drink and end in carnage! Alcohol skips cannabis and goes for the hard stuff so is the smoke really that bad? It's nice to see the police having a crackdown on law breakers.

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