Blogpost: Fatality on the railway – a driver’s perspective

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Fatality on the railway – a driver’s perspective

Trigger warning: this page contains references to incidents of suicide and the aftermath which some individuals may find distressing.

Support is available from (among others): 


116 123 (freephone)
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Support line: 0300 102 1234

MANY people in Harlow will know that Ian Beckett is a local mental health advocate and in particular an ambassador for the charity Kintsugi Hope.

Ian told Your Harlow “I am always looking for information and opportunities to raise awareness of mental health issues and how they impact upon all our lives, often in ways that we don’t consider or can’t begin to imagine. Raising awareness is a key element in bringing about change and helping people access the support they need, when and where they need it.” 

Ian came across a blog recently that he felt compelled to share. The blog deals, with a suicide incident and the aftermath, in detail and with sensitivity and shines a light on the trauma and how it can be dealt with.

The blog is written be Julian Vaughan, a train driver for 21 years. Last year Julian was involved in an incident where someone jumped in front of his train, and sadly this resulted in a fatality. His blog deals with the immediate aftermath and those who came to his assistance and those that were less than helpful. Julian speaks about his initial “numb” emotions and detachment, and the support from his colleagues – “the railway family” and trained trauma support volunteers.

Julien talks about support from his employer and his GP and the physical impact upon his wellbeing , in particular the challenge of sleeping properly and difficulty in accepting the doctor’s advice “not to feel guilty about “doing things you enjoy”. The blog concludes with Julien’s gradual recovery from the trauma and his return to work. Ian says “The knowledge of recovery is the Hope we hold onto, especially at the times when it feels beyond our reach.”

Julian wrote the blog primarily in the hope that it will assist other drivers who sadly are likely to deal with such situations, but Ian believes the openness and honesty Julian has shown, provides important reassurances, that we can recover from trauma, help is out there, and working as community we can support each other, not only to transform lives, but to save lives.

The full blog can be read here: Fatality on the railway – a driver’s perspective https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0LKDjD9fTenYzWLNh7315638iVGYQr8fhrM2GyGbok89QTQbGqvqYodih5xBn7sB1l&id=1607689737

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