Police make early morning arrests in Harlow as part of operation to tackle vehicle crime

Crime / Thu 27th Jun 2024 at 03:20pm

AS part of a coordinated strike to tackle organised vehicle crime, police have made seven arrests and recovered multiple stolen vehicle parts following a series of early morning warrants.

On Thursday 27 June, officers from Essex and Kent’s Serious Crime Directorate (SCD) led teams from across the force, including Operational Support Group, Dog Units and Community Policing Teams, in conducting eight early morning warrants at locations in Harlow and Braintree and across East London in Romford, Ilford, Enfield and Havering.

The coordinated strike was conducted in response to ongoing work targeting a suspected organised crime group operating in the county.

The six men and one woman, aged between 25 and 54, have been arrested on conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with vehicle crime and remain in custody.

A further warrant in Warwickshire was carried out on behalf of the Serious Crime Directorate by officers in West Midlands Police force resulting in further stolen vehicle parts being recovered.

With support from our dedicated Stolen Vehicle Intelligence Unit (SVIU) officers, an identified “chop shop” operating in Braintree was also targeted this morning. The specialist officers found a multitude of stolen car parts from high value vehicles.

Detective Inspector Frazer Low, who led the police response, said: “Today we have arrested seven people in connection with our investigation into a suspected organised crime group operating in the county.

“Car theft is a force priority because we know of the devastating effect it can have on an owner, a business and our communities.

“We’ll continue to dismantle the organised criminal networks behind these thefts through enhanced intelligence, where we will identify the people, patterns of offending and the places involved: that way we can focus our effort where it will be most impactive.”

In the last three years, the Stolen Vehicle Intelligence Unit have recovered or identified more than 1,800 vehicles worth £58.5m and investigated 106 chop shops – garages where stolen cars are dismantled or given false identities.

Detective Superintendent Shaun Kane, added: “We’ll continue to build upon successes such as today where we have shown our ability to work across force borders, showing that we will stop at nothing to tackle this issue.

“I’d encourage anyone who has information about who might be involved in car crime in their area to tell us and we will deal.

“Let’s continue to work together to safeguard your vehicles and deter thieves, for a safer Essex. Anyone involved or associated in this criminality in Essex will feel the full weight of a police prosecution.”

We’d encourage you to take some simple steps that could help prevent you falling victim to car theft and make it difficult for a thief:

  • Lock your car, always.
  • Switch off the engine while you visit the ATM or pop into a shop, don’t leave it running.
  • Use additional security aids such as a wheel lock that make it more difficult to steal.
  • Remove all valuables from sight, that way it’ll remove temptation and reduce opportunities to steal your possessions.

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Rena Bilsland
2024-06-27 19:45:55

Well done to the police this needs to be eradicated it causes pain and loss of funds to the victims

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