Church Langley doctor suspended for twelve months after working “whilst under influence of drugs”

Health / Fri 28th Jun 2024 at 06:12am

A HARLOW doctor who was on drugs while seeing patients has been suspended reports the BBC.

Nathan Sandles, who worked as a GP at Church Langley Medical Centre in Harlow, was found acting “drowsy, sleepy and disorientated” while on shift.

He prescribed medication for himself by falsely using a patient’s name, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard. 

While Dr Sandles had expressed “remorse and shame” in his witness statement to the panel, he was suspended for 12 months.

The tribunal took place between June 3rd and June 10th, 2024.

The full judgement can be found below.


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16 Comments for Church Langley doctor suspended for twelve months after working “whilst under influence of drugs”:

Rena Bilsland
2024-06-28 08:01:56

He should be struck of he had peoples lives at stake a doctor should know better

2024-06-28 08:48:16

One of the best doctors at Church Langley, took a genuine interest in patients welfare but it could be seen the stress of going the extra mile clearly took a toll on Nathan's health. Many of the best doctors don't stay long at the practice, Church Langley practice has been overloaded and near going into special measures for years. The NHS burn out rate is unacceptably high, generally bled to death by austerity. No wonder staff leave to practice in NZ and Australia.

Julie Dawson
2024-06-28 09:30:52

Best doctor ever to be at that practice. He genuinely cared about his patients which is more than you can say for many of them. Rena Bilsland, did you ever see him? As if you did you may think differently!

Jennifer Steadman
2024-06-28 10:16:33

He may be the best doctor in the world when he's not self medicating, but when he is under the influence of whatever he prescribed himself he is a danger to himself & to those in his care. Sounds like the man needs help & support, but he should not be allowed to return to any kind of health care position unless he proven to be clean & passed by the GMC. If indeed this is not his first offence, then sadly he needs to be struck off. We are short of decent doctors, but we don't need doctors who could be a danger to their patients. I do feel for him & hope he has the support he needs.

2024-06-28 13:13:35

Dr sandles was my family doctor for many years, to be honest was one of the best doctors I have ever seen, always felt heard and listened too and never rushed I owe my life to him for putting me on my medication. If he was to have asked I would have gotten him the meds under my own name I know many will not agree but its easy to point the finger when no one knows he's circumstances he was the only doctor working all through covid and to be honest needs to be praised for his efforts not put down.

2024-06-28 13:31:21

If he was such a good Doctor why would he put his patients at risk with his drug habit.. He should be struck off completely. Hope he never gets reinstated to Church Langley medical centre .

2024-06-28 13:51:45

Would all of you be still praising him if he had missed diagnosed and killed someone, whilst stoned. How do you feel about a drug driver , they get done when caught .No different . And if he is only suspended for a year , is that long enough to get clean , I very much doubt it.

Tracy Jane Salzen
2024-06-28 14:24:20

Omg he was my G.P 4 years ago, I'm horrified, how can this be allowed to happen, he should be struck off.

2024-06-28 17:45:15

I always personally found him to be a great gp and always willing to go above and beyond. I can't help but wonder if the surgery itself, which the CQC rated as inadequate this year, caused much of his situation? He recognises his failings and the risk to patients. Whatever he does in the future I hope he can bring himself around as a person.

Ad E Nough
2024-06-28 18:14:19

He was my GP but I found him arrogant and he’d talk to you like you were stupid. His wife was a practice nurse there, she was lovely.

2024-06-28 21:43:27

Honestly we are all, only human! Great doctor-patient ,kind and empathetic. Hope he gets through the next 12 months and gets back to a job he does very well :) Wishing him and his family all the very best xx

2024-06-29 07:50:33

No surprise. As usual the medical profession looks after its own. How many people in other jobs would be dismissed from their job and even a professional association. This isn't just about the self medication it's also about fraud and betrayal of trust (using a patient's name).

2024-06-29 21:31:47

Dr Sandals was the best doctor for me, he helped me through a very difficult time and I found him very caring and understanding, he always went that extra mile. I wish him well and hope he gets through this and back to being the best Doctor he always was. Thinking of you Nathan Sandles wish you all the best 💙

2024-06-30 11:20:05

Best GP that my wife and myself ever had. Went above and beyond for us.

2024-06-30 11:55:31

Long covid journey , non stop work and oscillating between non-covid vs covid adaptions. how many + swabs he had only hee would know. he took a wrong route ,bad to use pt prescription.ideally had fought with killing system but can a lone person fight with whole bureaucracy? Why practice failed to identify his needs and fitness? why practice did not send him on paid leave to get recover? clap for those comments who want idealism and max revenue with zero spend.

2024-07-01 08:11:22

Addressing the comments of a prospective councillor, rather disappointed in your reaction and that of others. Did you know the guy and are you familiar with the numbers of doctors and other front line medical professionals burn out every year? Ironically it's their commitment to their patients (on top of the work load and the poor HR support levels) that lead to situations like this. Many leave the uk to work elsewhere. If they were all banned from practicing the health services would be in an even more disastrous state. Similar in other professions like teaching. Let them who have never suffered mental stress throw the first stone, or better still get into the real world.

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