Labour claim Government’s home insulation scheme failing people in Harlow

Elections / Fri 28th Jun 2024 at 08:38am

NEW figures from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero show the East of England is being failed by a flagship government energy efficiency scheme claims Labour.

The government’s Great British Insulation Scheme was launched in May 2023, promising to help 300,000 households around the country install energy-saving measures, such as loft and cavity wall insulation, over three years.

However, just 916 households have been upgraded across the whole of the East of England since the scheme began. This is despite nearly 280,000 households living in fuel poverty across the region, according to government figures.

Chris Vince, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, said:

“Every family in Harlow and the villages deserve a warm home and lower energy bills. These figures show the Conservatives are completely failing to deliver the home upgrades families struggling to choose between heating and eating desperately need.”

“Labour’s Warm Homes Plan will upgrade hundreds of thousands of homes across our region to cut bills, lift local people out of fuel poverty and boost energy security, while creating good jobs and new opportunities for our local businesses.”

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5 Comments for Labour claim Government’s home insulation scheme failing people in Harlow:

Tony WIseman
2024-06-28 19:40:02

Could we please have some information as to why only 916 households have been upgraded? It is lack of raw materials, lack of trained installers, funds not being released in a timely fashion or not enough households applying for the upgrade or even knowing that they are eligible or how to apply? I do wish politicians, of all colours, would look into these types of questions rather than just use school kid like language to slag each other off. Show us that you can be better than that Cllr Vince and take some action. Manifestos are just words, action is what counts and makes the real difference.

Brian Aston
2024-06-28 19:43:12

Could it be that people took advantage of the free insulation offered by the energy companies many years ago. Or that people have gone out and got insulation ourselves. Always remember there is more than just a simple headline in any report.

Guy Flegman
2024-06-28 22:18:51

I would love to be insulated against the next Labour government

2024-06-29 06:02:46

Tony . Lack of trained installers really. Is it that difficult to unroll some fibre glass . I'm not trained and I did it in my house. Perhaps the council could give grants or the materials to able bodied people, who would be prepared to lay it themselves.

Brigitte Garnett
2024-06-29 07:38:17

Luckily we had it all done years ago, but now I am inundated with callers that want to do surveys and are supposedly all calling on behalf of the government. Am I going to let all these people into my home ? No. Beware of scams.

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