Energy prices fall but relief may be temporary

News / Mon 1st Jul 2024 at 11:07am

A DROP in domestic gas and electricity prices has now taken effect, but costs are expected to rise again in October reports the BBC.

Regulator Ofgem’s new price cap for England, Wales and Scotland came into force on Monday, meaning a typical household’s energy bill will fall by £122 a year.

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3 Comments for Energy prices fall but relief may be temporary:

Guy Flegman
2024-07-01 16:24:36

No thanks. I am old enough to remember all the Nationalised services we used to have. I would like the gov to buy shares in these companies though. If the gov becomes the largest shareholder then they also have a very large voice in how the business is run and they would also pocket the bulk of the profits.

Tory boy
2024-07-02 05:53:14

Guy. I used to work many years ago for a nationalised company ( British Gas) it was much better then . New apprentices every year, 5 year paid apprenticeships, good regular training , and top equipment, and well run professional company. Once sold off , the country selling its cutlery, was said by one MP. It all collapsed. Don't Diss nationalised companies.

Tory Boy
2024-07-02 05:55:46

Also Guy. Anyone with a few months training could become a gas engineer , and I recalled to many a cowboys work, very dangerous when working with gas.

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