Help Essex Police fight use of motorbikes in public places

Crime / Mon 1st Jul 2024 at 09:41am

ESSEX Police are aware that in the summer months there is an increase in reports of motorbikes – both petrol and electric – being used in public spaces.

These bikes are often unregistered and can be driven in an antisocial manner which causes people alarm and frustrates law abiding motorists. We are asking for the public’s help to build up an intel picture about where these bikes are being routinely stored and used.

PC Emily Cross, from Harlow Community Policing Team, said: Essex Police is aware and share the frustrations of the public regarding these vehicles.

“We are hoping to get support from the public to identify where these bikes are being stored, as often they are stored in gardens or garden sheds, or even hidden under tarpaulins in quiet areas.

There is legislation we can utilise to seize these vehicles.

“We are especially interested in CCTV from doorbell camera which shows these vehicles in use.

“If you think you have information which would help us, please contact us on [email protected], alternatively, please contact Crime Stoppers.

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10 Comments for Help Essex Police fight use of motorbikes in public places:

2024-07-01 11:24:58

Policing is a big puzzle. We get told that police numbers have increased but a big complaint is that we don't see them on the street. Yasmin Gregory, the Green party candidate said she waited for 20 minutes on the phone whilst trying to report an incident at the Stow. I tried to report an act of dangerous driving but was told that because, unfortunately, there was no collision the police were not interested. I didn't want the guy nicked, just spoken to. From the other perspective kids on bikes are just kids enjoying themselves. I don't want to stop enjoyment, just make it more responsible. We hear regularly about a lack of youth clubs etc, do grown ups better need to connect, would kids even go to youth clubs these days.

2024-07-01 11:40:57

There needs to be a crack down on bikes illegally converted to motorbikes, and e-scooters. The town centre is full of them, usually delivery riders. It's so dangerous

2024-07-01 14:48:57

Just hang around the stow playing field and you’ll see them. They cross that field all the time. Always see them when I’m at the park with my children. Always wear Masks on their faces.

2024-07-01 16:36:27

The trouble is, these are not motorbikes, These are hi speed electric bicycles and if the parents aren't willing to help despite knowing thier son in all in black clothes with a hoodie and an ebike, is probably one of these feral boys, then it makes the police's task harder. They have to leave a home somewhere, neighbours will have seen them and until parents and neighbours take the community back, then nothing will change. Be the change you want to happen

2024-07-01 18:16:21

These bikes really need to be seized and disposed of.

Nogin the nog
2024-07-01 18:46:27

If the police stand under nicholas field under pass in plane clothes thay wont have to wait long to catch one

2024-07-01 22:08:39

These are small time drug runners, we see them dealing quite often. You usually see the local junkie with his hoody up hanging about checking his phone and then a few mins later these lads appear and the exchange takes place. They go their separate ways. It's like Amazon, very convenient.

2024-07-02 06:12:40

The police have been told on numerous occasions about the kids on their bikes racing up and down Roydon High Street, as well as across our playing fields. And their response? Nothing, not one bit of effort used to try to catch these kids. There is no point telling them because they are not interested. At meet the police events these and other anti-social issues are raised, they nod and say yes we need to deal with that and that is the end of their involvement. Partially because the kids come from an illegal traveller camp and the police will not touch them, they are above the law as far as the police are concerned.

2024-07-02 19:17:47

I keep seeing motorcycles and cars on the cycle track behind the college. Using it as a short cut so they don’t have to use the main highway like everyone else. It’s in a right state of repair and the gates broken and wide open one end and the other the posts are missing, so there’s nothing stopping them. Only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

2024-07-09 14:41:25

Near the end of June my council (emergency housing) bedsit in Whitewaits was burgled by two half-wit lowlifes. Despite it being obvious I'm wheelchair bound, they took a laptop, cash, whisky, coffee(!), phone-charger adapter, smart-meter adapter(!!), insulin pen needles(!!!), etc. Police aware. Need I have bovvered?

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