Southern Way in Harlow shut off after road traffic collision

News / Fri 5th Jul 2024 at 01:31pm

Update: Statement from East of England Ambulance Service:

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesperson said:

“We were called just before 12.55pm to a road traffic collision on Southern Way in Harlow. Two ambulances, an ambulance officer vehicle and a response car from the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance were sent to the scene.

An adult woman was transported by road to the Princess Alexandra Hospital for further assessment and treatment.”


A LARGE section of Southern way has been shut off after a road traffic collision.

The section of road between the Latton Bush Centre and Tysea Road has been closed at just after 1.30pm (approx).

The police and ambulance service are in attendance.

It appears that at least four cars are involved.

We have contacted the relevant press offices in order to get more information.

Traffic is being diverted down Tysea Road and onto Commonside Road.

More follows.

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13 Comments for Southern Way in Harlow shut off after road traffic collision:

Peter Webb
2024-07-05 17:25:37

Err your map doesn't show southern way, why is it still shut 4hours later ? It's causing chaos.

Colleen Morrison
2024-07-05 17:42:32

Bush Fair, the Fairway and roads all around it were at a complete standstill when I left my office this evening. It took me 30 minutes to do what is normally a few seconds' journey out of Bush Fair. I could not get onto Tilwicks Road so drove in many painfully slow stops and starts to the Southern Way traffic jam, where vehicles crept along.

James Gamble
2024-07-05 17:47:01

The map appears to show 2nd Avenue

2024-07-05 18:12:21

I was stuck in this earlier could see it was obviously a serious incident. Hope everyone involved is ok and has not had to endure the painfully slow stops that Colleen (above) went through

2024-07-05 18:40:01

Hope everyone involved is ok

2024-07-05 19:10:16

Now reopened

2024-07-05 21:21:32

There have been fatalities on that stretch before which is why I believe there is a speed camera. Hope people are ok.

2024-07-05 21:46:28

Collenn, if your journey is only a few seconds , why don't you walk.

2024-07-05 22:42:15

I don't know why people get so annoyed, there was an accident. People are injured. Show a little compassion.

Im right
2024-07-06 11:46:00

Maybe she is too lazy!!!

Colleen Morrison
2024-07-07 15:58:04

Hi Walker, The few seconds it normally takes me to drive out of Bush Fair, is the time it takes me to drive from a parking area on the Fairway behind my office, onto the junction of The Fairway and Tilwicks Road. My after work drive to Tesco and home on Fridays normally takes me about 10-15 minutes to get Tesco's, then another 15-20 minutes to drive home from Tesco. Last Friday, It took me around half an hour to drive along Fairway to try to get onto Tilwicks Road, then, as Tilwicks Road was completely blocked, to turn around and drive back along the Fairway and queue to get onto Southern way, the traffic on which was also bumper to bumper but was at least crawling along. I drive to work because it would take me too long to walk to and from daily - and also because use of my car is essential for my job.

Colleen Morrison
2024-07-07 16:16:16

"Maybe she is too lazy!!!" (I'm right) Was that really a fair comment to make, I'm right, when you knew nothing about the length of my journey to and from work, or that I have to work long hours and weekends at times, that I do shopping on my way home from work - and use of a car is essential for my job?

Not saying
2024-07-08 14:41:13

Drop the speed limit! I think it's 40mph! Far too fast. And most people go over the limit, sadly! Go slow, get wherever safer! Xxx

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