In defence of Latton Green Primary: “Ofsted is sweeping across Harlow like a disease.”

Education: Primary / Wed 18th Dec 2013 at 07:59am

LAST MONTH, Latton Green Primary was placed into special measures. There are a number of people who believe it is politically motivated and has very little to do with education.

A concerned parent has written to YH and added her concerns.


“I am a parent of two children who attend Latton Green primary school. To say that I was shocked when the school was graded ‘inadequate’ would be an understatement.

“I am totally convinced that Ofsted have made a huge mistake in their judgement in so many of the areas inspected. My children are in Years 4 and 6, so I have had a lot of experience of them being taught by all of the wonderful staff there. The report is completely unfair, and really demoralising to hard working teachers and their assistants and I am not, and have never been, concerned about their education as I am sure they are in good hands.

“Ofsted is sweeping across Harlow like a disease, putting our so called ‘failing’ schools into Special Measures, so that they are forced in to becoming Academies. Although I can only speak for myself, and my children’s progress, I would urge anyone who was considering enrolling their children at Latton Green not to just take the Ofsted report as a decision maker for your choice, as it is, and always has been, in my opinion, a good school, with great staff, who have the pupils needs and education at the top of their list of priorities, unlike Ofsteds box ticking exercise which seems to be on their agenda as soon as they see a ‘Harlow’ address attached to it.

“I may seem very biased, but would like to ensure anyone who gets to read this post, that I have no links to the school other than having children who attend it. I am very committed to giving praise to this school as I do believe that Ofsted have put a very muddy stamp all over it and the Head Teacher, who also has spent many dedicated years with Latton Green and who has also been completely committed to her job. If you are into league tables then you will be on Ofsteds Christmas list, if you like myself, want good solid Primary school education, I can’t think of another school in Harlow that I would want my children to attend.

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